I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m quite opposed to the vaccination agenda, but I have to say that even I was pretty shocked by the contents of the video. While many might be tempted to blow it off as just one more “conspiracy nut” on Youtube, the thing is he’s not reading into what the man making the presentation is saying at all. The insanity of what this guy is so calmly and coolly describing to the rest of the room is hard to put into words. He literally is proposing that vaccinations can be used as a medium through which the behaviors of “religious extremism” can be eradicated by addressing an “over expression of the BMAT 2 gene”. You really just have to see it for yourself…


  1. If only I could believe there was really a vaccination that would cure the religious ‘disease’… though I thought it more of a virus than genetic… That religious believe, as this implies, is possibly at least partially genetically determined, is interesting and I can’t help but wonder if this is something to do with homo sapiens being a ‘herding’ species… Or, since the expression is variable, and as seems very likely, that we have to potentiality to be either a herding type (for some reason the word ‘sheep’ keeps on thrusting itself forward into my forebrain!) or a predatory type (which may still be ‘social animals’… viz, wolves, lions, hyenas and wild dogs, to name but a few examples…)

    Of course, the religious will, like any drowning man, probably grasp strongly at the ‘straw’ offered by the possibility, equally implicit in this finding, that perhaps (but ONLY perhaps!) the gene for ‘religiousness’ is real scientific evidence that there is a god… Personally I doubt this; I have a feeling that were we to search for a similar gene amongst sheep or cattle or other herding animals that we would probably also find it…

    But perhaps the religious will counter this with the notion that “perhaps sheep, cows, wildebeest, caribou, etc are all really religious…”

    As it is, I can’t help but wonder about whether or not this is just another ‘internet myth’… Were I a betting man, that’s where I’d lay my money!


  2. This video was made a decade ago, It’s eerie how this video hits on so many points that i’m seeing now regarding trends of mandating vaccines. This is taking place in multiple countries now, and it’s creeping into the U.S…..state by state. Gardasil is mentioned, prior to it being released to the public. Information found thru the Freedom of Information act.

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