As If Political Correctness Wasn’t Confusing Enough Already…


I know they say context is everything, but I must admit I’m still a little perplexed here…

Had this sort of “disciplinary parental intervention” occurred on some random, normal day, in say a Walmart parking lot, or the mother’s own backyard, and people had captured it on video, then she’d probably be hearing accusations of child abuse, or even be in jail already and at risk at losing custody, rather than having people talk about her as a candidate for Mother of the Year.

Sooo, I guess this calls for a small addendum to our “bully-free America” policy when it comes to zero tolerance for things like spanking/discipline, etc.. If it helps further the narrative of why we need the State to be ready to intervene and put boots on the streets in order to keep us safe from backpack-wielding terrorists, or crazy right-wingers, or bored and angry black teenagers with ski masks on, well… SMACK AWAY!

4 thoughts on “As If Political Correctness Wasn’t Confusing Enough Already…”

  1. Context is everything! I applaud that lady, but then I have to ask myself if I would be able to justify that in any other scenario….

  2. You know what…I am SO sick of TOLERANCE I could puke!…lol. It’s about time someone actually had the hutzpah to do something right. She probably saved that boys life in the future. I mean, really, she did not hurt him at all…except for his ego in front of his buddies. I would applaud if more parents would spank their kids for being unruly brats. Too much of the sparing of the rod is ruining our children. Just my opinion. And in case your wondering…yep my mom whipped me when I deserved it and she had my fear and respect as a parent should.

    1. Exactly! Maybe the idea is getting across that sparing the rod really does spoil the child. People are probably getting sick of seeing kids tell their parents where to go with no backlash at all. That just turns my stomach when I hear it and the end result are kids that are totally out of control with no respect for ANY authority. Those are the ones who end up dead way too soon, sadly. God bless brother!

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