“Temple of Oculus Anubis” in Oregon…?

So the other day I came across a few blogs that were writing about a property in Damascus, OR with some very interesting features indeed. They all seemed to be more or less pulling from an original article published last fall in That Oregon Life called “Temple Oculus Anubis, One of the Creepiest Places in Oregon”. The story cites other online investigations/discussions on the property to be found on reddit and elsewhere, including some very frightened testimony of a young woman living in the area who had visited the entryway seen in the pictures several times, and reported seeing unmarked white vans and being followed and harassed.

Is this just typical “urban legend conspiracy theory” type stuff? Or is there possibly really something rather sinister going on in this place?

If you’re the kind of nerd like me who can find themselves reading through all the various threads and checking the place out on google maps etc., then I’d say there really is evidence to support that this very well might be something more going on here than just a “rich dude who likes weird Egyptian stuff”. There is indeed a business listing online for “Oculus Inc.”, (supposedly some kind of vague medical supplies company) which lists as it’s website heavensgate.com, which is amazingly enough the website associated the “Heaven’s Gate” cult famous for the “Haley Bop comet spaceship” suicides in 1997.

1377112355001sFor me, one of the most significant elements of this bizarre looking entryway is the “crest” on top of the gate. If it was just a matter of there being some pyramid-shaped stone markers and an Egyptian statue in the woods, then I might not be so inclined to find it so suspect. That crest alludes to much more than just “rich guy who likes Egyptian stuff”. It bears a rather obvious similarity to the Royal British crest, and other emblems of monarchies, and to me it just reeks of “ancient occult bloodline” connections. I mean, lions, a dragon, and a crown? Come on now…

Digging through the various threads, you read about claims of underground tunnels being built, about how the property is sold regularly to shadowy personages, etc., and again, it does become difficult to separate fact from speculative fiction. But at the same time, one thing that REALLY struck me almost instantly, especially as I was looking at the aerial view on google maps, was the realization that this ornate occult-themed entryway couldn’t possibly be the only entrance. This is a million dollar home we’re talking about after all. There is most certainly a multi-car garage back there somewhere, which would necessitate a driveway, presumably with a formidable gate, presumably on the other side of the property, possibly connecting to Clackamas highway which runs along the backside of the expansive wooded land surrounding the home/”business”…(?)

Of course, it really could just be some eccentric person/family with a taste for landscaping that is almost cliché in it’s Illuminati connotations…

oculus-damascus-or-1But especially whenever the calendar starts coming around to one the various occult holidays such as the one approaching tomorrow, and we know that on these “high days” of the Druidian and occult calendars ritual sacrifices ARE performed all over the world, while the majority of us go along with our merry little lives without noticing anything unusual, these sorts of head-scratchers really give me pause. Actually, they give me real chills. Because the reality is that there ARE properties and buildings, all over the place, which we probably drive by and see from the outside all the time, and never imagine the kinds of ritualistic horrors that take place inside them while we’re doing the laundry, or falling asleep to reruns of Seinfeld. They do “hide in plain sight”, relying more than anything else on the fact that most people simply can’t imagine that such organized evil really does exist, or that people really DO worship ancient “gods” in the modern technological world we live in today.


5 thoughts on ““Temple of Oculus Anubis” in Oregon…?”

    1. There is something seriously huge and dark goin on in oregon. Especially here in Douglas county. What would ppl like this want with my daughter and myself but can’t just come and take it?

  1. In terms of symbolism like that being ‘hidden in plain sight’, it’s remarkable how much that goes on. I mean by ‘hidden in plain sight’ we can even talk about all the weird symbols pop and rap stars use in their performances and videos, etc. But in terms specifically of architecture, I live in London and I never paid any real attention to all the strange symbolic architecture and imagery in buildings all around the City of London area until I read something about it: and then I couldn’t stop noticing these things. In terms of individual, private properties like houses, it may, as you suggest, just be a case of eccentricity, but when that stuff is in public spaces and encoded into city planning and landmarks, etc, there’s definitely something else going on.
    There was actually this one house on a residential road near where I live and for about ten years when I was growing up it was a really weird house; I mean it had gargoyles at the front, which I always found a little freaky as a child, and the entire property was painted black – I mean pure black! And I remember whenever I used to walk my dog and we’d go passed that house, the dog would start whining and getting agitated. And we never, ever saw the people who lived there; in 10 whole years, we never once saw them taking out the trash or leaving the house or coming back, etc.

  2. Interesting, to say the least… Speaking of “lions, a dragon, and a crown,” have you ever investigated the logo of TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)? I really want to know why they (or someone else) chose a logo that so closely resembles the Rothschild Family Crest for a California-based Christian ministry. I started to create a post on that a while back, but haven’t finished it yet.

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