Mass defection of writers from Veterans Today. Alternative radio hosts in suspicious car accidents

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Veterans Today

Veterans Today (VT), a popular “alternative media” website, is experiencing a mass defection of its contributors, among whom are retired U. of Wisconsin-Madison professor Jim Fetzer, federal whistleblower Stew Webb, author Dean Henderson, CIA whistleblower Gene “Chip” Tatum, and Bruce Campbell.

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Jim Fetzer, Stew Webb, Dean Henderson, Gene Tatum

What provoked the “firing” or defection was VT senior editor Gordon Duff’s censorship, in some cases outright deletion (“trashing”), of the contributors’ postson Boston Bombing and especially on Jade Helm — a planned month-long U. S. military training exercise that’s unprecedented in size and scope, in multiple states (including Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado) from July 15 through September 15, 2015. Many in the alternative media suspect that Jade Helm will be a prelude for martial law.

Gordon Duff

On April 28, 2015, the five former VT contributors talked on Veterans Truth Network about their defection and their grievances against

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8 thoughts on “Mass defection of writers from Veterans Today. Alternative radio hosts in suspicious car accidents”

  1. Thanks for reblogging this, Strange. I have been noticing that some of the writers haven’t had stories up lately. These are good reputable, talented, and informed writers. Thanks for the info.

  2. from a commentor on the linked site.

    • J.A.D.E.
    ○ Joint
    ○ Assistant for
    ○ Development and
    ○ Execution

    • H.E.L.M.
    ○ Homeland
    ○ Eradication of
    ○ Local
    ○ Militants
    15 = 2015 = Starts July 15 Ends September 15

    1. This is SO conspiratorial theory madness. I hope they don’t taint the rest of the alternative media scene. Oh well, no one is perfect.

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