Ok, so I figured I should probably take a quick break from posting on all the world-is-falling-apart stuff, and just do a boring personal life thing for a second.  We are all still trying to just “live life” after all.

My wife and I are currently on day 8 of our ten day juice fast, and so far it is actually going pretty well. It is surprising how filling juiced fruits and vegetables can be, and honestly I do feel like I have been experiencing a level of energy which is above what I typically feel. I’m hoping to personally lose more weight than is realistic within a ten-day period, but this juice binge is more or less intended to function as a sort of kick start to what I hope to be a regular habit of eating way healthier, less carbs, etc.

We’ve already been eating probably around 95-98% organic anyways, but of course the calorie intake is still a huge factor if your still eating breads and pastas and such. I haven’t had a beer in over two months, and that is something I hope to continue indefinitely. (not because I believe drinking beer is a sin or anything, I just got to the point where I couldn’t rationalize all those empty calories)

Getting older is such a weird thing. In your twenties you think it’s eons away. Then somewhere in your thirties you start to realize that you can’t just keep eating whatever you want and lying on the couch and then go play a game of pick-up basketball without feeling like you’re going to keel over. You only get one body, and yeah, if you don’t take care of it you will really feel the consequences over time.

We’ve also been trying to educate ourselves on ways to understand and use nutrition/supplements/herbs more in order to be healthier as well. Manuka honey as a sweetener in tea or other things is actually an amazingly effective natural anti-biotic. I’m starting to do apple cider vinegar “shots” as well in the morning, as it supposedly is good for clearing out your lymphatic system and such. Eating raw nuts as a snack instead of potato chips.

Confronting my serious coffee addiction will probably be the hardest piece of the health puzzle to try and overcome. Hard to believe that once upon a time in my early twenties, (when I either thought I was invincible or just too “punk rawk” to care), I would actually have a coke and a cigarette for “breakfast”. Oh, stupid young me, if I could only go back in time and wring your stupid, arrogant neck… 🙂


One thought on “Joosin…”

  1. Hi brother!

    I was searching on health topics on your blog and i found this post about juicing. Lately i did many research about health, cancer and diseases and i was wondering if you still juice and if it has had any effects. I think these things – like vegetarianism and veganism are very bad for your health, its always the same: the things that are promoted the most by the media are lies! Maybe it is good for you to research this also 😉
    A YT channel called Sv3rige has some very interesting videos about these subjects. Maybe you can also make some vids about these things.
    I wish you the best, see you around

    – Mediocre monday

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