“They Invent Ways of Doing Evil”…

This is a video I just finished putting together, after listening to an absolutely incredible interview with Anthony Patch on Canary Cry Radio. It was difficult to decide which soundbytes to use here, considering the vast amount of ground that Patch covers (I didn’t even scratch the section where he gets into the supercomputer/A.I. side of things…) but I did my best to try and encapsulate as much of the overall idea of his research into a fast-moving ten minutes.

Big shout out to my brother and sister Tim and Kris from End Times Matrix News for first bringing my attention to Anthony Patch and his work on CERN. They have now recorded hours and hours of interviews with Anthony on this vast and crucial topic, and I highly recommend anyone interesting in learning more about CERN to look into their material.

End Times Matrix Youtube page…


Kris’s blog

Tim’s blog

Anthony Patch on the “Higherside Chats”

Anthony Patch’s homepage

7 thoughts on ““They Invent Ways of Doing Evil”…”

  1. Well done. Too bad that this form of thinking is so narrow. It excludes Hindus, Buddhists, and peaceful atheists. Otherwise, I really enjoyed your montage.

  2. Amazing – thanks for putting this together. This is exactly what David Icke has been saying for years now, about terraforming the Earth for lower-vibrational entities, and the Saturn connection. The soundtrack is very distracting though – I really had to make an effort to listen to the end because I really wanted to hear what he has to say – any way you can remove it? If you can, I’ll gladly re-post on my site.

  3. Did you hear the recent rumor that Anthony Patch had been murdered by MIBs. The rumor turned out to be false, but he was seriously warned by MIBs to stop talking about the Large Hadron Collider. They showed up at one of his lectures that he had been presenting in the Portland Oregon area to educate the general public. He has decided to end the lectures. However, his previous lectures are still available online at http://www.awakenedroots.com.

    Scary stuff.

    1. Hi Barb, yeah, I had heard about him getting some unpleasant “visits”, and then making the decision not to do anymore interviews, lectures, and he even elected to abandon the next book he had been planning on releasing. It’s crazy stuff. I mean, I know this type of harassment is much more common than most people think, but it still makes me wonder what they might have threatened to make him just step all the way back like that.

  4. They didn’t tell him to take down his videos which means he has not revealed what still remains hidden. I think they feared he was getting too close to uncovering it.

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