Beware the Ides of, um… September..?

Now, I’m not saying that I believe the “Nephilim are going to return” in September, but then again, this compilation of pop music, documentary segments, and more, really does make you think…

SO much is being made about this coming September, so many different ideas being bandied about, be they the “Shemita”, the blood moons, the end of Jade Helm, the “70 Generations” of the Book of Enoch coming to an end, financial collapse, martial law, a comet/meteor striking the earth, tidal waves, etc., etc., it’s really quite off the charts in terms of any previous “end times/conspiracy speculation” I’ve ever seen before.

“Truthers” are buzzing about it. New Agers talking about it. Christians pointing to it. Not a day has gone by in like over a week now, where I’m not being bombarded from all directions of doom-predicting messages related to the “later this year”, “September”, or specifically around the 22/23rd. I dunno… I don’t really have any special insight or anything, but it’s just quite bizarre, and I find myself going back and forth between wondering if it’s just a massive psy-op going on, designed to program us to believe “something massive” is gonna go down around that time, or if it’s God who is also really trying to get people’s attention and wake them up so that His people are not caught off guard and swept away by hysteria/fear in the face of some unprecedented event.

What do you guys think??

11 thoughts on “Beware the Ides of, um… September..?”

    1. It’s a wait and see, but I have noticed a lot of talk around this subject. What with all the earth changes, political changes, financial changes and, Lord only knows, there is a lot of human suffering.
      You have the governments with their war games – what a mess. Something is going to happen.

      1. I agree. But things can’t continue in this manner. Too much collateral damage. The little guy is being crushed and the few are walking away unscathed. This has to stop.

  1. Ya know…after seeing these types of dates come and go…I still set myself up each time! Hahaha. I think it is just a part of watching and waiting for Jesus. We have been given a remarkable heads up from scripture and we know what to expect in terms of world upheaval and turmoil. I think most readers of your blog would agree it isn’t a matter of if America will “fall” (or have the shadow government emerge into the foreground), but when. A financial pole shift seems inevitable and you can bet that’ll cause all kinds of chaos. There is compelling evidence in these recent riots that some cointelpro type shenanigans are happening to aggitate and spur them on…not unlike there is a “real” ISIS with real members and real feet on the ground (overseas) and then there is a western production arm that just runs up alongside that group and puts out high-end media. /everything behind the scenes seems to point to an approaching “thing” or “event”…that AARP commercial for example…what is that?!?! Exciting times to say the least. If something doesn’t happen this Sept…I am sure I will get my hopes up for the next date to be spotlighted. I am cool with being “disappointed”…it is always peppered with a sigh of relief. As long as, if we talk about it with people, we are honest that we don’t know for sure, but we know the pattern or plan and are just being “watchmen” then I don’t see anything bad. I mean to say a police state take over will occur on this date or that is not a good idea…but who can deny the long, slow slide into one that we have witnessed since 911?

    But to answer your question…I admit I am one who will be watching Sept with curious eyes, but also I guess expecting nothing ultimately to happen. Whatever happens, I am praying constantly to be ready and aware of Jesus’ will for me, my family, and His church.

  2. Hi, Strange. Here’s a couple of other things to add to that Sept. timeline. The pope will be in Philadelphia Sept. 25-28. (Message to the church in Philadelphia?? Rev. 3???)

    Also, back in May 2014, one of the French leaders gave a speech saying “we have 500 days til climatic ABYSS”. That day ends on Sept 23, 2015. Do they know something we don’t? Hmmm?

  3. Thank you for posting this – it is certainly generating lots of comment 🙂 Remember that stock market crashes often happen in the September/October time-frame. I have also read something, I forget where, tying this is in with Yom Kippur, next September 23. You’ll find more on this with a quick “Yom Kippur 2015” search. And also keep in mind that mass control relies on generating mass fear – the only antidote to fear is Love and the strength of our Higher Power, whatever we choose to call It.

    1. Great points, I’m actually listening to a great podcast right now with Chris White, talking about how so much of September hype has to do with trying to prop up all of Jonathan Cahn’s “blood moon” stuff…

    1. “Messianic Druid” eh…? That’s a new one. Unfortunately I don’t have the full time available at the moment to address everything in that post, but even there are plenty of individual points that I might agree with, the overall objective being pushed is suspect at best.

      Don’t want to jump to assumptions, but why in the world would you honestly believe that Druidism is compatible with the Gospel of Christ? Something tells me that your post here is a fervent effort to defend such a thing…

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