It’s ALL From the SAME Source…

I realize I’ve been a bit sparse on writing my own blog posts as of late, (mostly just been posting videos and reblogs if anything), but I’ve been taking a slight break I suppose, as well as last week I spent a couple of days putting together the “CERN Rock” vid. I’m starting to work on making a ‘part II’ video this week, to focus on the topic of the “adiabatic quantum computer” and it’s connection to CERN, the Mark of Beast, etc., but in the mean time I thought I’d write a little something about an interesting documentary I watched over the weekend.

sourcefamily“The Source Family” tells the story of an L.A.-based cult centered around a man named Jim Baker in the late sixties, early 70’s, a cult which had it’s beginnings in the natural foods restaurant known as the “Source Restaurant which Baker owned, but eventually progressed into a full-on every-hippie-cliché-imaginable, New Age guru/messiah-worshipping, polygamous sex-drugs-and-rock-n-roll commune.

Rather than trying to retell the progression of the rise and fall of “Father Yod’s” (as he came to call himself) Aquarian community, (which anyone I’m sure can google/wiki for themselves) I simply wanted to speak to the amazing proliferation of occult symbolism and connections which were prevalent throughout the documentary, and make a simple point about how this connects to the broader topic of NWO-type “Luciferian globalism” and Illuminati-esque occult “stuff”…

Right off the bat, no one could miss the glaring use of the “Great Seal” with the “All-seeing Eye” as the central image on the Source Restaurant’s sign on Sunset Blvd. This alone speaks volumes really. This is in the sixties after all, for a raw-food restaurant full of meditating hippies… Doesn’t get much more “anti-establishment” than that! Interestingly enough though, beyond just the prevalent use of the “Illuminati eye”, there are many shots in the film which also show signs made depicting the other side of the “Great Seal”, the one with the eagle holding the 13 arrows and everything. Apparently “Father Yod” understood these two images to be very powerful occult talismans indeed.

And “Father Yod”, (or “Ya-Ho-Wa” as he also blasphemously named himself), was no amateur dabbler when it came to the occult. One “Aquarian” tells of how the first time he met Father Yod, when he was touched on the shoulder, his “Kundalini” energy shot straight up his spine. Another woman tells of how “Yod” was determined to take all the “best” practices from all sorts of different mystical schools and traditions, and would take his “spiritual children” to learn at the feet of other “masters”, one of whom they mention by name is the famous author and Freemason, Manly P. Hall

0976082292Throughout the film, there is an absolute proliferation of pentagrams and hexagrams, pyramids, eyes and ankhs, often being incorporated into the album cover-art for the rock band that Father Yod and some of the cult-members formed. You see Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah and Freemasonry all being thrown into a big groovy, psychedelic mix. Then, after the “Family” had left the restaurant business altogether, and moved to a more remote residence away from their Manson-family-fearing neighbors, and “Father Yod” had made the move to start taking on dozens of the women as “wives” (basically he was having sex with all of them, even ones very young) they talk about how he really started getting into the “dark stuff” when he began getting into ritual sex magic as taken from the teaching of the “Order of the Golden Dawn”…

Aleister_Crowley_1310Anyone who has studied the figure of Aleister Crowley and the occult orders he created should understand just how truly deep into the “dark side” one is venturing when they start incorporating rituals taught by Crowley. “Crowleyian magik” involves things so debased I wouldn’t begin to try and describe them here. But, it is all a rather poignant example which serves to illustrate just where all these dabblings with trying to “expand the mind” and reach “enlightment” by way of meditation and altered states of consciousness ultimately leads.

In the course of following the various angles and agendas of the “shadow government”, one comes along many, many other like-minded individuals, often doing great research, who get sucked into the New Age themselves. This is no accident really, with the many “Truther”/conspiracy authors and researchers out there such as David Icke, David Wilcock, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, (and many others) who are all communicating with the “other side”, and very much in contact with the SAME entities and powers who were leading and influencing Crowley, “Father Yod”, and yes, the “Luciferian elites” who are so despised by most “freedom-loving Truthers”…

It’s really NOT difficult to piece together friends, how all these esoteric branches are really just growing from the same Luciferian tree. They all make the same empty promises of “enlightenment”, “expanded consciousness”, in essence, becoming a god yourself. But in the end, they all lead to the same dead-end, the same used-up, disillusioned fate. Crowley died a penniless, haunted drug addict. “Father Yod” took a Kamikaze flight off a Hawaiian cliff in a hang-glider, hoping to sever ties with this world after realizing that in fact he was NOT God, but only a man… He landed safely, but still died somewhat mysteriously a few days later.

Jim Baker was truly worshipped by his “family”, not because people are simply horribly stupid and naïve, but because they really are hungry for Love, for a Father, and for a spiritual experience that feels real and alive, and not just dry, dead religion. Satan is good as offering counterfeits which can seem like the real deal. He is the source of countless false forms of spirituality and experience, on BOTH the “establishment” side, (the Bohemian-Grovers, the Vatican crypts, the well-healed secret societies…) AND the free-spirit, “anything goes”, a-la-carte New Age philosophy “Light” side…

Only JESUS can satisfy that inner hunger for Love, meaning, forgiveness, belonging and purpose. Only He can give us true freedom, and true Hope in the face of all the oppression, lies and death going on in the world today. All Satan has in the end are million different empty counterfeits. Only the true Christ, who died for our sins, can bring us back to the TRUE Source of all things….

12 thoughts on “It’s ALL From the SAME Source…”

    1. Luke 19:27 Bring those enemies of mine who do not want me to rule over them as King and kill them in front of me…. Jesus speaking in parables… Becareful with all religion. The bible is full of murder, contempt,and violence. It’s a racist document. Dueteronomy 23:20 Unto a stranger thou may lend upon usury but to a fellow brother thou may not lend upon usury. Psalm 47:4 He (Yahweh) shall subdue the people under us, and the nations under our feet. They many more quotes like these, but let’s look the laws concerning rape. Deuteronomy 22:28-29 If a man is caught raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay 50 pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her. Exodus 21;7-11 sanctions sex slaves. Look up the bibles views in slavery. It favors slavery of Grntiles. I could go on and on. That cult with Father Yod was pretty out there. So is your cult. Funny that Christians think they are so holy. They wouldn’t be Christians if they really knew what in there book. Islam too is blood thirsty but it stems from the bible. I didn’t even scratch the surface. I would be writing for twenty days straight.

      1. True Christians know that they are anything BUT Holy. Only God is Holy. That is the whole point of the Mosaic Law, actually. You might think the Law sounds harsh in it’s original context, but then Jesus Himself actually made it even harsher! Essentially, anyone who’s ever held anger in their heart towards another person, is guilty of murder. Anyone who’s ever lusted after someone else, is guilty of adultery, etc. We’re all equally guilty, all equally, spiritually, dead. Which is why we all need Jesus….

      1. since I m the one who come forth after almost 40 years and as the familyhistorian and archive keeper ..i co authored the book and was subject of and associated producer of the source family film/doc. along with co founder of the source foundation and our website etc… of course i have a google alert out on any of the hits..source family, father yod, isis aquarian etc :)) it is always interesting to see different understandings and reactions in the now with our story and us…as something that happen in the timeframe of the 60 and 70’s which was a whole other reality
        Not only is everyone intitled to their own opinion and reality and take but everyone it seems who was in the source family days has the same issues..everyone has their own take and reality on it and everyone seems to be a bit different :)) but like i always say…’ONE DOES NOT NEGATE THE OTHER” thanks

        1. EVERYTHING THE SOURCE FAMILY MOSTLY HAD in the beginning of our journey was from someone or somewhere else…in those times finding anything of the mystery teachings were like finding a gold was not easy or available like it is now with internet -which i say is the new library of Alexandria :)) jim baker studied, read and traveled long before he had the source or the source brotherhood…he went to india to the wall he was a student of yogi bhajan he was a vadanta monk for 6 months he was friends with the nature boys out of the canyons and gypsie boots, he was long time friends since childhood with paul braggs and then jack lelanne – met in the VA hospital in the war time and continue their friendship to the time of death….he was part of the mover and shakers of the times- in each time even if it is was in the back ground as a observant…he founded and was always ahead of his time in the health food genre with his famous restaurants on sunset strip leading up to the source….he was a judo expert and taught the eliet marine radiers ..when the source commune was under way he use to talk and tell us stories of it all….getting us all caught up :)) he knew elizabeth claire prophet, the BOTA , manley P Hall of the secret teachings of all ages..he studied and befriended them all…he studied the koran, the torah, islamic, crowley, buddha etc..even knew ron l hubbard….he embraced them and it all… in trying to find his destiny and journey and his evolutionary of our teething books was from “Science of Being” by Eugene fersen…where we got a lot of our practices along with the Yogi teachings….no one does it alone however, there came a point where he did make it his/our own in the way we saw it and wanted it to fit more of the now…this is what was unique with it all…then he did start to channel some of it himself long before we even knew what channeling was….this is a whole new genre a whole new age upon us and it calls for the understanding of everything from the past as a foundation to stand on but then to spring off of and be more intuned with what is needed for the new program for the reality of the new beingingness upon us…we are morphing into our next evolutionary process as more of a spiritual being and the old program will not fit and that is what is now being dealt with..we have 2,000 more years in this new age of aquariaus to get it..they say each age is about that :)) anyhow just my reality xo
          ONE DOES NOT NEGATE THE OTHER..they say life is a school..and each of us are in our own grade level and each of us will have to take our own exams for graduation…and so each is on their own journey and not to be judged..

  1. was wondering if you could perhaps get more into the globalist elements at play here, eg. was the cult organized or otherwised fomented by cointelpro, cia, etc? maybe as means to destabilize health food communities providing valuable services to poorer west coast populations. serial murderer robert durst comes from a similar scene in that regard and the resources provided by these communities were quite important at a time when government funding was transitioning from post-new deal to genocidal military policy debuted in vietnam, leaving swaths off scarred and un cared for veterans on the home front

    1. Hmmmm, if there were CIA/Cointelpro connections to the founding of the Source Family it definitely wouldn’t surprise me, but honestly I can’t say I’ve found any that could be demonstrably proven. The main issue, from my perspective anyhow, isn’t the outer organizational connections on the human level, or some plot to infiltrate the natural foods movement etc, but rather the spiritual deception taking place. “Father Yod” WAS in communication with entities, non-human entities, who were directing him far more than any human agency, and that is key to understanding him, and the whole group by extension. I would say this same thing actually applies to ALL the shadowy, cabalistic elements in intelligence agencies and globalist groups overall. They are all, in short, simply doing the bidding of invisible demonic entities…

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