Dancing With the Star(gate)s….

I’ve never watched this show before, so it’s something I would have never come across on my own, but this dance number that Gonz takes a look at here is really pretty amazing with all the embedded symbolism it contains! Transhumanism, portals/stargates, orbs, holograms/aliens… What a trip. I really love how Gonz has really keyed into the prevalence of all the “portal propaganda” out there, as it’s something I’ve been unable to ignore myself.


2 thoughts on “Dancing With the Star(gate)s….”

  1. Interesting, truth. I used to be a big fan of Dancing with Stars, but than I had to stop watching it. Too much subliminal programming, transhumanism, portals, and the occult, yep. So it was good to watch this video and to know I’m not the only one who found it disturbing.

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