The Spiraling Fingerprints of God…

Yesterday I read such an exhilarating post by Insanity Bytes: Synchronicity is Such a Lovely Thing, where she included the following video:

As usual, she has such a marvelous way of parsing out the contemplative quirks surrounding the question of whether or not things that seem connected truly are, or if we’re just seeing them because we want to see them. Like her, I have long held a deep yet largely inexplicable affinity for spirals, for the contour of a cresting wave, so much so that many years ago I got a tattoo of a design I made based off an abstract ocean wave, in a spiraling sort ofspiraltattoo presentation, with three “spokes” also meant to represent the Trinity. Of course, most people don’t see a wave until I explain the design’s intention, they usually ask if it’s supposed to be a volleyball or something. Grrr. Suffice to say, such interactions are largely why I decided to stop getting tattoos…

But the Fibonacci spiral/sequence is still something that truly fascinates me, and the more I learn about it and realize just how prevalent it is throughout Creation, the more I think I appreciate just how rich with meaning and symbolism it actually is.


To me, it really speaks to the reality of how God has no beginning, and no end. He is the “Alpha and the Omega”, because He is outside of everything, and gives everything it’s beginning and end, the Definer of all that is. The spiral goes ever outward, and ever inward, and I think this also speaks beyond just the dimensions of time, but space as well, whereby God is not confined with the macro or the micro. He holds the Universe in the palm of His hand, yet knows what teeny tiny quarks and every other sub-sub-sub atomic particles look like, and are doing…

When I was in art school, we learned about the “Golden Ratio”, and how much of good layout/design adhered to the basic precepts of this concept discovered way back in ancient times. However you may choose to explain it, it has been long accepted that we as human beings have a discernable esthetic preference towards that which visually falls in line with this particular dimensional ratio. Quite similar to this concept is what is known as the “principle of thirds”, whereby people tend to find a picture or visual subject more pleasing and “balanced” if the main focal points lie upon divisions of thirds within the frame. It’s a sort of “asymmetrical symmetry”, but nevertheless, we seem to be hardwired with it…


Beyond just the symbolic and esthetic considerations, the mathematical “code” of the Fibonacci sequence is itself enough to seriously confound the notion that Evolution and natural selection could have accidentally been responsible for the appearance of this specific formula appearing throughout the natural world, both in biological and non-biological examples, time, and time, and time again…

It is a calling card for “Intelligent Design” if ever there was one, and we see it every time we look at a snail in the garden or a photo of the Milky Way galaxy. This “code”/sequence/image, which so perfectly depicts the full spectrum of the micro to the macro, and back again, and everything in between, can also itself be found to be embedded in nature from the micro to the macro scale. How perfectly poetic…


In the end I find it such a refreshing and invigorating reminder, especially in light of so much of what one inevitably comes across when researching the innumerous strains of the anti-Christ influence upon this fallen world. At times it can almost make one feel as though things like symbolism and visually-encoded communication with many layers of meaning and such are all part and parcel to the realm of the esoteric and the Occult. In reality, the devil only knows how to steal and corrupt the ideas of the True Creator, in order to use them for his purposes of deception and destruction, and his twisted use of God’s embedded symbolism in nature is no different. There was even a time where in the midst of first learning about certain aspects of witchcraft and secret societies, etc., and how their related symbolism so saturates the cultural palate all around us with most of us completely unawares, I actually began to think that a symbol like a spiral was inherently evil and tied to the demonic. It is, after all, used a fair amount in many shamanic and magikal traditions to represent various occult concepts. But then again, the more you learn about such dark things, the more you start to realize that there are really very few things from God’s Creation that Satan has not taken and usurped in some way or another as a symbol or sigil or form of idolatry in his pantheon of Luciferian roads to ruin.


The sun, moon, and stars, the male and female genders, human sexuality, trees and plants and all sorts of animals, architectural concepts, the constellations, you name it… All have been used by the Enemy to supposedly represent some false teaching, or false god, or false whatever. But they were all Created by the Alpha and the Omega FIRST, and as He was the first one to conceive of them all, (and imbue so much of it with embedded symbols like that of the spiral….), He will also get the Final say when it comes to redeeming everything back to it’s original and true significance, restoring all of Creation back to the place where it is recognized by everyone as showing how “God’s invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature” are clearly seen…


3 thoughts on “The Spiraling Fingerprints of God…”

  1. Lovely post! I really like what you’ve said here. Nice photos, too. Thanks also for the mention.

    You have a spiral tattoo, what fun! People really do tend to have a fondness for 3’s, that “asymmetrical symmetry,” you spoke of. All those spirals within nature, the galaxy, waves, our own fingerprints, it’s very beautiful and poetic.

    Roman’s 1:20 begins, “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made…”

  2. I had just commented on one of Insanitybites recent post about the rainbow and how Satanic it is that homosexuals use it as their banner considering what it stands for. Satan’s always trying to defile God’s creation.

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