This is what Worship in the New World Religion looks like…

I was listening to a podcast the other day where my brother Sam was interviewing Carl Teichrib from on various aspects of the Green Movement and the Environmentalist Agenda and how this factors into the broader globalist agenda, and in that interview they touched upon a topic which Carl has spoken about before in other venues, the subject of “Transformational Festivals” and their relationship with the broader message/philosophy of Monism, or “One-ness”. A while back I had listened to Teichrib discuss this in a fascinating interview with Julian Charles of the Mind Renewed podcast, (which I highly, HIGHLY recommend to anyone) and when I was reminded about this topic it really struck a chord in me, perhaps partially due to the fact that we just recently had the “Electric Daisy Carnival” here in Vegas a few weeks ago, which is a perfect example of this growing phenomenon that Teichrib explains.

Honestly, what I’m really feeling compelled to do is be able to sit down and put together some kind of video compilation featuring parts of Teichrib’s presentation, with various video footage, (similar to what I did for the CERN/Anthony Patch material), but I really just haven’t been able to find the time lately, so I’m throwing this post together instead for the time being.

Despite temperatures that were well into the hundreds, only one person died at this year’s EDC, a statistic which organizers call an overall success, and when you actually stop and take in the mind-boggling scope and scale of how many people were attending and raving away all weekend in the desert heat, it is pretty amazing that more didn’t actually die from heat exhaustion or drug overdoses, or combinations of the two…

But seriously, when you look at even just the official video trailer for an event like EDC (above), you quickly start to recognize the prevalence of this message of “One-ness” being trumpeted all over the place, exactly as Teichrib purports. The video below starts with a tune singing “We’re all in this together…” and the constant visual/lyrical theme throughout is all about “Being One”, “Coming together”, “everyone lovingEDC7 each other”, etc. Sure, it’s in the familiar context of taking ecstasy and dancing in psychedelic-imagery-overload sea of people, a veritable sex-drugs-and-rock-n-roll 2.0, but don’t be fooled into thinking that there isn’t in fact a very discernable spiritual ethos tracing it’s way through all of it. It’s a party, absolutely, but more than a party, it is worship. It is a tangible embodiment of the New World spiritualism, a high-tech, ear-splitting, sensory-assaulting sanctuary, which in the end can be accurately described as a modern-day, ramped-up version of the same kind of thing that went on so long ago back in Canaan, in groves and around Asherah poles and such.

edc-owl-700x392And on that note, it’s therefore not at all surprising to notice the profuse degree of esoteric/mystic symbolism used in even the decorations for the stage(s) and grounds etc. The main stage at this years EDC featured what was clearly resembling a gothic cathedral type thing (with pipe organ in the middle) with huge owls on either side, and another stage featured a massive animatronic owl in the center which essentially recreated a massive frenzied adoration to a robotic idol of Molech…

Another festival in a similar vein gaining lots of attention and containing all the same elements is the Tomorrowland Festival. Video below:

As Teichrib explains, this whole phenomenon is one that is growing by leaps and bounds, year after year,(Burning Man being the one most people have probably heard of, yet there are now hundreds of them around the globe) and representing an overall spiritual/experiential drive about which the modern Christian Church is in many regards completely out to lunch. On a fairly simplistic level, I believe that even a cursory glance at the sheer magnitude of audio/visual/sexual/emotional stimulation being packed into such events should leave no doubt that it’s laughable to continue trying to “compete” with that. In that light, it’s probably a good thing, because it forces the question to be asked as to what REALLY constitutes the power of Christ and the attractiveness of His Truth and living a life for Him. It’s not about building bigger buildings, creating cooler and more impressive sets and performances and everything else. It’s not about trying to make “Faith-honoring” movies in hopes of “competing” with Hollywood. It’s not about trying to compete with the World in order to appeal to the Flesh in hopes of getting people in the door. That road is empty. That approach to satisfying the desires of the fallen body, and appeasing the self-idolizing inclinations of the fallen mind, still end in death. The “Myth of One-ness”, is still exactly that, a myth. A deadly lie…
For me, what is really crazy to think about when it comes to these massive festivals, with all their massive light shows and animatronic occult figurines and everything else, is how these New World Order Worship gatherings (and let’s face it, that’s what they are), could be foreshadowing even bigger, more occultic, more globally-based versions in the days to come. So much has already been speculated on things like the Mark of Beast, or the Image of the Beast, the Abomination of Desolation, etc., yet I can’t help but wonder if possibly one day the False Prophet and/or the False Messiah might bask in the worship of millions upon millions of people around the globe, as scores of interconnected festivals in cities all over the planet full of tranced-out revelers all lose themselves in the overwhelming manic praise of this “New Era” of love, peace and One-ness they believe is being ushered into history. Perhaps a dazzling holographic image of the Beast Supercomputer’s “face” will fill every pulsating, neon-exploded stage. Perhaps the Beast himself will be hailed as the most amazing DJ ever. Who knows. It does sound a little out there, I admit, but then again, when I think about the dizzying degree of spectacle already in existence right now at these festivals, I’m not sure my mind could even really imagine it if I hadn’t seen the footage myself…

7 thoughts on “This is what Worship in the New World Religion looks like…”

  1. Great post, very interesting thoughts – as always. I’ve been to a few of those types of events in the past, here in the UK. And I’ve never been comfortable. It always feels like I’m being assaulted on some kind of extra-sensory or subconscious level and, neurologically, I seem to not respond very well. It’s worse also when you’ve got music that’s very unfocused – in that it seems to go on forever, is usually very repetitive and designed to have a trance/hypnotic effect; to the extent that it’s less an ‘art’ and more an exercise in sustained mind-alteration, probably targeting brainwaves, etc.

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