The Beirut Diary: Illuminati Wife Speaks Out

Upon The Face Of The Waters

Kay Griggs: Whistleblower, rubbed elbows with the elite of the elite.

Interviewer: What I  have gathered about you from this interview is Katherine Griggs, the wife of George Griggs, 11 years of marriage, your husband was head of special operations under Admiral Celso at NATO, you were a member of the board in NATO’s wives club.  Also your husband’s background includes NATO’s college at Rome, and then Princeton, and his intelligence spy career began in Vietnam and continues to today. He was also the liaison between the U.S. and President Jamal of Beirut, and your husband was an alcoholic, and he would blab on to you everything he knew about the intelligence communities, like he was trying to relieve his heart. He knew the bombing was coming down in Beirut before it occurred. He knew and know you know, that the U.S. Military is run by sexual deviants, especially…

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2 thoughts on “The Beirut Diary: Illuminati Wife Speaks Out”

  1. There are some incorrect entries from the interview. The school was the HUN School in Princeton, not the Heinz School. The man who was involved mostly with the Saudis was Alexander Proudfoot Robinson whose family member “Wild Bill Eddy” was a Presbyterian translator and lacky of FDR’s “special” group of OSS groupies under Princeton spook-spy and later CIA head that JFK wanted to get rid of. His nephew was an attorney in the Northern neck of Virginia in Lancaster Caounty, Va. with other spooks. Alex was the Marine not Charles Caddock ( a homosexual who handled the Saudi Royals at the Hun School’s Russell House bought by Saudi money.) Alex was a handler for George Griggs and made sure he got into the elite and SPECIAL USMC slots.

  2. John Foster Dulles and his Princeton brother Allen Dulles were Presbyterian elites and carry overs ffrom the Woodrow wilson era and Colonel House from Texas ( he was not a real colonel ). House had deep oil connections in Texas and this gang eventually brought in LBK, the Klebergs, and drew Yankee want a be Bush to Texas. Intel groupies. Allen Dulles in WW II was involved in lots of back channel stuff in Bern Switzerland and made Morganthau’s job difficult as Allen Dulles knew Morganthau’s real Zionist game in the middle east as he was piped in to the Zionist “banker” element in England and France. Allen Dulles worked in the OSS and became head of the CIA, JFK’s nemisis. The original “founder” of the OSS’s ( Donovan, a roman Catholic ) had a nephew Dexter Rumsey who practiced law in Irvington, Va.which has a rather unique next of retired former CIA guys. Donovan’s Protestant elte wife Ruth Rumsey like Donovan was from Buffalo, N.Y. where Donovan got his “start” with FDR’s cousin Teddy Roosevelt there after McKinley was shot and his friend Teddy became President. Donovan stepped up after being involved in some skull-duggery there. It was “Wild Bill” Donovan who “ran” the WW II OSS operations. Lots of guys who later on were to become well known in the CIA ( Colby and Bill Casey ) served first in the OSS. It is interesting that there was another “Wild Bill” named Eddy who was the son of a Presbyterian minister-missionary-spy who knew the Saudi Royals. Young Eddy was a “Marine” with good connections and who had fun doing dirty tricks in France and in North Africa for FDR as he spoke “farsi” – the Saudi language, and because of his Dad, he had much needed Saudi Royal oil connections. Because of the Presbyterian Princeton connections in WW II and in the Navy, this explains how the three oldest royal sons of Ibn Saud wound up in Princeton at the Hun School… so they could be handled.

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