Why I am a Christian: Reason # 1 – Because I was Chosen

Pisces Natare Oportet

I know. I know how it sounds. Trust me…I get it. It sounds pretty pious…and pretty self-serving. It seemingly warrents the response, “Yeah…of course you were” followed by a reasonbly swift dismissal. Thats what I would have thought about it anyway…a while ago.
Let me get a couple of things out of the way. First, I know I went on a bit about having no order or “paramaters” to this list…but that was just foolish. I was in a mood. I went with it. The truth is,…if I didn’t start this list with this specific reason…nothing following it would be “true” in any sense.

I will explain. I wouldn’t have always put this as my number one reason. For the longest time I would have put something like, “I am a Christian…because I believe the gospel.” Now, this would have been a true statement at the time…and still is…so I’m…

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