TRANCE-Formational Festivals and the MYTH of One-ness…

It’s finished… (!) Just uploaded the completed video, an idea I had mentioned a couple weeks ago when I wrote about this same topic.

Once again, here is the original “source interview” for the narration in the above vid.

WeAreOneBoomFestivalPortugalAll in all, I will simply say that even though I had already felt rather familiar with the concepts that Teichrib speaks about from listening to him in several different podcasts, it was really another thing to then go and spend a fair amount of time perusing the actual footage of these festivals themselves. Even though you might well enough grasp the things being described well enough, you almost can’t really envision it fully until you see it. So much of what goes into these experiential events is quite visually-based after all, so I tried to find a decent array of shots which depict the broader spectrum involved, from the more “hippie-ish” festivals, to the ultra-modern D.J.-and-light-show spectacles of Tomorrowland, etc.

(also kinda cool that this is my 300th post, yay…)

8 thoughts on “TRANCE-Formational Festivals and the MYTH of One-ness…”

    1. Hmmm, I think I may have heard that name here or there, but looking at the site here it’s not familiar. Do they talk about transformational festivals or “One-ism” somewhere?

      1. Dr. Peter Jones, Westminster West Theological Seminary, presents the gospel within the one-ism two-ism paradigm. Sound researcher and presenter of how our present abominations of gender
        renderings have their roots in pagan
        ritualized pantheism. He points to Jung and Mircea Eliade mostly. He’s spoke at Ligonier conferences on Gnosticism past and present. He speaks clearly to the culture despite his Westminster West affiliations. A classmate of John Lennon actually from England. I’ve yet to read him, but he’s got some excellent talks posted on his TruthxChange website. Speaks out clearly on the roots/ramifications of our present culture eastern mysticism, Gnosticism, theosophy. I’ll try to send links to some of his best talks when I get a chance.
        He’s got some video talks posted on Rev. Joe Boot’s Ezra Institute in Toronto Canada, who speaks boldly regarding cultural issues in Canada.

  1. Cool video! Glad to see Dr. Jones’ name in the discussions above. In February, Dr. Jones had me attend his TruthXChange conference where I had the opportunity to speak on transformational festivals/evolutionary culture, and its celebration of oneness. Again, great job on the video – some fantastic footage of gatherings!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, I am extremely pleased that you saw it, and approve. I have to tell you how impactful your presentations have been on my understanding of many subjects. (I was the one who emailed a question about the idea of energy credits and technocracy being used in the coming global system, which Sam asked you in your interview on God’s Property Radio…) Your answer was great, though I admit it was probably too vague of a question.

      Anyhow, I can’t stress enough as to how clarifying it has been to now be able to see the whole spectrum of modern mysticism and thinking through the lens of “One-ness”, it really does perfectly encapsulate the underlying, unifying theme, which I am quite convinced will carry on right into the broader “One World Religion” of the A/C. I find the topic of the transformational festivals to be such a perfect platform for introducing this idea too, because you can just SEE it so easily, in everything going on, and it really helps to illustrate how the “new spirituality” really isn’t anything new at all (as you say), but at the same time, it might not necessarily be in the form that many more traditionally-minded folks would interpret as “spirituality”, but it is. Even though thousands of people jumping up and down in front of light shows, (half of them high on MDMA etc.), might seem like run-of-the-mill hedonism, it is still (as you put it) a “preaching and teaching of one-ness”…

      Overall it just has been amazing to me, even in the short time since I finished making the video, how many times I keep bumping up against more and more examples of this whole concept of the “Era of Re-enchantment”. It’s really everywhere, and I love that I now have a better framework and lexicon available to process it and try to explain it to other people as well. So, thank you, once again, for all your work. Quite honored to have found your comment here this morning…

      1. I’m glad the information and framework has been of value to you. And you’re right, Oneness is everywhere. A little over a month ago I attended a trance festival and conducted a social survey – oneness prevailed.

        And thank you for putting the video together. It’s hard to simply verbalize what this culture looks like and how it operates – its social appeal, its energy and its size, let alone how it wraps itself within an ancient-future paradigm to create a “new reality” (a modern mythology). Bringing the video imagery together along with the explanation will be helpful for many.

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