True Identity of “R.C. Christian”, founder of the Georgia Guidestones, Finally Revealed…

Yep, apparently they have pretty irrefutable proof as to who the main guy behind the infamous Guidestones actually was. Having not forked over the 25 bucks for the actual documentary, I can’t tell you just who it is at this point, but, it’s not Ted Turner… I did manage to listen to the Conspirinormal interview with Dr. Future the other day, where Doc “breaks the story”, and pretty much tells you the entire scoop, without actually telling you the dude’s name. Well worth the listen.

3 thoughts on “True Identity of “R.C. Christian”, founder of the Georgia Guidestones, Finally Revealed…”

  1. Hi my name is R.C.Christian is my sons name. (Raymond Coates) my son is Christian. they started to build the stones in 1979 and finished the stones in 1980 in 1979 I was born I new nothing about theses stones I my self thought about a new language and a one world order and a one true religion for all to believe in the one true God for all to believe in and to unite the one true humanity to become all as one to unite the nation to become one true world as equal as we all should be and for us all to live in peace. As I my self would love not to destroy humanity and decrees the population from the billions that live on this planet to the 500.000.000 to balance nature as the one true God of all that exists in and out of this world as space is infinite and is there to expand for all to explore and for people with the help of the ones who are trying to make this in to a one world government as I my self agree with this one world but it needs not to destroy the worlds population to balance nature there is allways away to put what is in need for the people and there rights of there lifes to all live a life as that’s what life should and be there for there protection and to save all the rights to live in gods world and unite as one as this is what God wants for all to live in peace. god thou shall not kill but to be there for each and every human to help one another with every ones ideas do not kill but move humanity in to the infinite space to live and to help maintain the balence of this nature that is on theses stones ! There is allways a way to help one another maintain there lives for the freedom of there rights build crafts in to the bigger spaces as there is and we have been visited by theses extraterrestrials as some gevernments know but deni to the people that theses beings are real and in volved with serten governments as this is the way to the technology to the stars guild population wise. As I said at the beginning I new nothing about theses stones and wen I first heard and seen theses stones I was amazed at WAT I seen as WAT I had thought with in me and my thought. but i was amazed at the resembleing of my thoughts were amazed that they were very similar to theses stones. This as I have wrote there’s words on here is just a bit ov my own thoughts on what I think my self about this is me and I would love to do what is right for all humanity to become one in harmony and for peace for all to become one and hope that we all can come to get her and live in a utopian world as this is wat God would won’t for all his people IN GOD WE TRUST I have had no education but would love to learn the truth about the rights of all things with in this world and would love for the government to be truthful and take me on board and help explain to me the truth about WAT is love to learn my name is also PsychicEminem and believe in my subconscious that God dose exzits and is awayting for some one to come to me and help me understand for the better for every one as I feel the pain for humanity and need some guildens please help me thank you citizens unite

    1. R.C.Christian Aka PsychicEminem
      Apparently I’m A telepathic twat and unfortunately got some sort of a Photographic memory and some sort of a God Complex and with in my mind id say I have this Holy Ghost with in me how is this posserbile or is this posserbile cos I’m struggling to understand wat WTF is going on in my life as my life I feel is a lie and is kept secret IN GOD WE TRUST I know you know that I know that I know ur watching me I will see and I will know all vary soon wen I get over my paranoid schizophrenia come and show me who you are you do not need to fear me as I know you are there I await here for you to contact me in person you know we’re I AM ✌️🙏

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