Ah…. CRAP. Just when I thought I was getting used to a certain level of “crazy”…

So I wrote about this topic a little while back once before, after hearing the Mark Seargent interview on Canary Cry Radio, and well, after that I really didn’t continue looking into it much. There are plenty of other crazy things going on in the world to occupy one’s attention after all. But then yesterday, after posting a bit on the blog in the morning, later in the afternoon I sort of found myself looking for something to listen to, and ended up on YT and came across interview with Rob Skiba and Josh Peck, talking about Flat Earth… (which I thought was interesting, since I had actually mentioned Peck in my first post as I did a little speculating about the Flat Earth idea and possible connection to the whole multi-dimensional universe stuff…)

flatearthAnyways, I listened to it all, and, yeah… I guess the “bug” has now officially been planted, to where I am seriously unable to stop thinking about a number of very pesky questions… It’s a place I’ve been before, but not for some time, just kind of weird. Grrr.. Let me just tell you right now, I really, truly WANT to debunk this. I so do. That is of course how I first set out learning about many other things before, such as “crazy” theories on 9/11 and such, so, I do know how efforts to “debunk” something can wind up biting you in the butt, leaving you walking in circles trying to wrap your brain around the information that you are now staring face to face…

I’ve already kind of had that sort of moment this morning, after watching the video above. I like this one probably better than any of the others I’ve seen so far. (Mark Sargeant’s “Flat Earth Clues” are okay I’d say, but really not that great) The more I am learning about all these simple arguments/experiments dealing with the curvature of the earth and line of sight etc., the more compelling I am finding them. Then, in the video he mentions one other bit of info that really threw me, and it’s what I wanted to leave any reader here with, cuz honestly, it’s really baking my noodle right now! Even though, it’s also super simple. Almost too simple, because you go, how do we not all stop and think about that??

So, okay friends… Please, don’t call me a “Flat-Earther” yet, cuz honestly I haven’t crossed that bridge yet. But let’s just stop, and think about this one here…


We all believe that the earth rotates around the sun, one full rotation every year, or precisely, every 365 1/4 days. What’s more, we believe that the earth itself is constantly rotating, completing one full rotation every 24 hours. Now, if this is the case, then after six months of orbiting around the sun, then “day” would logically occur on the other side of the rotating globe. In essence, this would mean that over a six month period, day would turn to night, and night to day. After six months, the noonday sun would be shining at what the clock said was midnight, and vice versa. (make sense?) The only way to avoid this, would be if the 24-hour “full rotation” of the earth, wasn’t in fact a true, 360 degree rotation, but instead either slightly over or under (I’m not exactly sure which at this point) in order to compensate for the orbiting of the sun, and keep the “noon side” pointed at the sun at all times of the year. If I remember correctly was I was taught back in school though, the earth supposedly just rotates one full time around in a day.

The video also mentions the issue of the moon, and how it’s cycles seem to operate completely independent of the position of the earth, sun, and itself, which is another aspect I must say is really bizarre when you stop and think about it, but I’ll leave that whole matter to another I suppose. I need more coffee right now…

(How does it make sense that we can see full moon, in the middle of the daytime, anyhow....?)
(How does it make sense that we can see full moon, in the middle of the daytime, anyhow….?)

14 thoughts on “Ah…. CRAP. Just when I thought I was getting used to a certain level of “crazy”…”

  1. Interesting.. A reason why I have always taken for granted that the earth had to be round was, how could certain parts of earth be light while other parts were dark? If it was flat wouldn’t we all experience the sun shining on us at the same time?

    Also I thought I remember in a geology class where we seen the earth actually does rotate slightly over and slightly under at times, I could be thinking of something else, but I remember graphs of earth tilting different direction depending on where it was in it’s orbit. But this is a pretty interesting topic, do you have scriptures that would seem to reference a flat earth?

    1. Yes, according to the globular/heliocentric model, the earth’s axis is at a fixed tilt. This is what we are told is what accounts for the seasons, and the changes in lengths of day/night between summer/winter, and so on.

      As for the question of how a flat earth wouldn’t experience full sunlight all the time,

      But I’m glad you mentioned the scriptures, because honestly that is where I have been delving into the most over the last couple of days. Yesterday I read through Genesis, and Revelation. (I also read through the entire Book of Enoch, but I’m not sure if you’re down with that text or not, most people aren’t) But anyhow, yeah, when you just start from the beginning, and start looking at the Creation account in Genesis from that kind of “questioning the cosmology” standpoint, a lot starts to jump out at you. For one thing, the order in which everything is created is just, kind of bizarre!

      Before anything else, the Spirit of God is “hovering over the waters”. (what “waters”?) Then, God makes light, separating it from darkness, calling the light “day” and the darkness “night”, even though, at this stage nothing has been created to actually be any kind of light source (how’s that work?) So the first “day” comes into being, with no sun/moon, just the earth (i.e. the “deep”, whatever that is) and light. On the second day, God creates the “vault” (also known as the “firmament”), separating the waters, creating “sky”. The third day god creates land, and plant life, even though the sun/moon have not yet been created! (which I see as a huge blow to the whole theory of “old Earth Creationism”, but nevermind)

      But think about that… So for at least three whole days (regardless of what you interpret a “day” to be) the earth was just “floating there”, not orbiting any sun, not a part of any solar system or galaxy, because none of the sun/moon/stars were created yet. But then, on this fourth day, it says in vs. 16,17 that God “God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars. God set them in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth, to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness.”

      Notice here that it says that God placed them IN the vault of the sky…

      This is very interesting, especially when we go back to verses 6-8 and see that it quite specifically says that the sky is “between the waters”…

      For years, I had been familiarized with this type of Creationism idea which theorized that the “firmament” was talking about some kind of water vapor canopy, which existed over the whole earth up until the time of the Flood, which created a much different atmospheric condition on the world as a whole and accounted for things like the ante-diluvian reptiles growing to massive sizes and becoming what we now call “dinosaurs” etc., and I always figured that made a fair amount of sense. However… As you start looking into what historically people actually believed in when they talked about the “firmament”, they really were indeed referring to some kind of impenetrable “dome” thing, which quite literally works out to be as thought the sky itself was “pitched like a tent” over the earth…

      But anyhow, regardless of whatever exactly the “firmament” was/is, you still have to stop and think about the fact that according to the Genesis account, the sun, moon and stars are put in the “sky” (or “vault”), which verse 7 defines as water above and below it. So……. how does that work, if the sun/moon/stars are all out in space? How are the heavenly bodies between “two waters”, in any way, shape or form, according the model which we have all assumed? You start to see some real problems here, in reconciling the heliocentric model with the scripture, unless we start playing real fast and loose with what it actually says, and resort to allegorizing whatever parts don’t seem to fit with the pre-conceived ideas we are trying to conform it to….

      I could go on and on here, but this comment is already super long. There are lots more very interesting verses throughout the Bible, which I found a good compilation of them here: http://www.lhup.edu/~dsimanek/febible.htm

      I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this whole issue quite soon, as it seems to have more or less captured my imagination as of late. Thanks for the comment btw!

      1. Very interesting stuff, I like your break down of the scriptures. So “space” contains the sun, moon and stars and is considered the “vault” of the sky, so essentially we have our atmosphere which is the sky, then space which is the vault of the sky. And this is all encapsulated within a firmament, or dome. And then there is water under and above the firmament, is that correct?

        This idea of the flat earth is pretty interesting when you start to get deeper into theology, like I always thought how was it going to be possible for every person to be able to see Jesus when He came back down? Surely this would only be impossible if we live on a flat earth. And also when God made the sun stand still, that’s a very interesting verse when you consider a stationary and flat earth.

        What I really like about this theory is that it seems fairly easy to test. Essentially you can use high powered telescopes to see if one could see things that they shouldn’t be able to see do to the curvature of the earth. I mean it would probably needed to be professionally done, but we should be able to get some pretty conclusive evidence if there is any real validity to this idea.

        Boy this sure would bring a whole new level to the Luciferian agenda conspiring to repress any knowledge of God or accuracy of Biblical text. If this is a cover up it would have to be huge! and this would imply a more sinister system than I had previously imagined. Scary to think about, but this whole idea of the flat earth does almost give me more of a reverence for the beauty and majesty of creation, not that I wasn’t already super impressed 🙂

        I think one real technical question I still have is what about the edges? what happens when we get near the edge of the world? it would have to be some sort of incline at the end.

        With regards the argument i made earlier, why doesn’t the whole earth experience light at the same time? This probably could be explained by the idea that that the sun doesn’t actually give us our light, it merely governs the light. Essentially day and night have already been established and they just spin around like a poster board in the background. Though I don’t see how a flat earth would make sense with the fact that, depending on the season we have less day “light” than other seasons. Why would it get darker earlier in certain times of the year?

        1. Yeah, those verses really stuck out to me too, such as when Jesus returns and is seen by the whole earth (seemingly at the same time), and the sun standing still for a whole day in Joshua. (btw, did you ever notice that it actually says that the moon stood still too? Never noticed that until yesterday) Another one I’ve been re-considering a little is the whole Tower of Babel. For several years, I had more or less shifted to thinking that perhaps the “tower” wasn’t necessarily trying to literally “build it’s way up to heaven”, (as when the vastness of space is assumed, this really doesn’t make any sense at all), so I had started pondering the whole idea of the tower actually being some type of occult “stargate”, an “interdimensional tower” of sorts. But… In a flat earth model, where heaven (amazingly) is “up”, then it makes you wonder if that’s maybe what they were literally trying to do…(!!?)

          Anyhow, here’s a vid depicting the sun in a flat earth model:

          Your points/questions about the curvature are spot on, and crazily enough, that is one of the areas which seems to actually be most supportive of the earth not being a globe. This page has tons of vids and links and explanations on the various ways in which people have been attempting to do just that, test to see if the alleged curvature of the earth can actually be measured. http://testingtheglobe.com/miles.html

          (I find it quite incredible to learn just how much “dip” there should supposedly be after just a few miles) Yet in all sorts of visible examples, people have found things which supposedly should be completely obscured by the curved horizon, quite visible over many miles.

          Anyhow, as for whole question of “falling off”, in that video above you will notice that basically what you are looking at there is what is called the “Azimuthal equidistant map”, which is said to be a “two-dimensional projection” of the 3-D globe. Basically, the flat earth idea more or less alleges that THIS is what the earth looks like, (and instead the globe is the “projection”), and so of course if that were true, then Antarctica would not be some island-type continent on the southern pole, but a ring around the entire exterior. This is why the flat earth theory makes such a point about the whole Antarctic treaty, and how the whole thing is essentially closed off completely to people, unless you pay thousands of dollars to go visit some outpost on the edge of it. Antarctica is incredibly controlled, or so they claim…

          1. But anyhow, the idea is that you can’t fall off, because there is an “ice wall” around the whole base of the “dome”. (and this, according to what would be of course the most massive, Truman-Show-esque conspiracy of all time, means that the base of the dome is what the governments/”illumined ones” are hiding from the rest of the world)

            I gotta say, there are still a lot of intriguing things about the whole idea, as insane as it all sounds. For the moment though, I’m kind of stepping back from trying to figure out every hypothetical question attached to building a sensible “flat earth model”, and just going back to really trying to understand, I mean, REALLY understand, just how the whole heliocentric model makes sense. (I mean, heck, the onus is on them to prove and explain that first, since it’s what we have all been taught to be the unquestionable truth our whole lives…) I spent like several hours last night, just reading about and watching videos on the moon. I keep coming back to that moon. Something about the whole “official explanation” just does not add up to me. It’s practically impossible to find a true-to-scale animation of how the whole lunar orbit/cycle would look from space. It’s always sort of cartoonified, and warped.

            And that itself really begs another, MASSIVE point. That is, that it’s really kind of insane that anyone could be having such a debate or discussion on the topic in the first place, since by now the internet should be absolutely overflowing with ridiculous amounts of raw “space footage”. At this point, you’d think you could just go online and find scores of photos of the moon taken by space shuttles, satellites, etc., and tons of video, of everything, from every angle, time lapses, etc. etc. (at least things as “close” as the moon!) We supposedly have all these images of all the planets now, and crazy distant galaxies and nebulas and everything else taken by Hubble, but not the moon, or the Earth. We all ASSUME there is copious amounts of this footage, yet when you actually go and start looking for it, you quickly start to realize how few, and how poor in quality, the “authentic photos” are, and the vast majority of images are merely renderings, paintings, CGI. etc. It’s crazy…

            We’re all walking around nowadays with technology in our pockets capable of taking amazingly-good video, yet the billions-of-dollars-a-year space program can’t seem to produce video/photo evidence of “outer space” that isn’t totally suspect. Hard to get over the question of if space is real, and we’ve been “in it” now for over fifty years, why is NASA so clearly fraudulent?

            There is not one single video of the earth, spinning in space, in existence. Not one. All they have is what they claim is a time lapsed compilation of photos, in which the clouds somehow never move or change over a 12 hour period…. (hmmmm)

            1. I stayed up late last night watching an interview with Rob Skiba, I really like what he has to say and how he breaks down and explains the whole flat-earth model. very interesting stuff. It seems like there is pretty much an explanation for everything but the coriolis effect. Some of this photographic evidence is amazing, like the one where you can see Chicago from 60 odd miles away (apparently do to a mirage, which seems kind of silly). I came across this video last night as well, check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7RATY665N0 It’s really interesting, there are some times where you can really notice a straight line as opposed to a curvature. I’m not to sure how its all suppose to look from space but if you go to the end at about the 6:50 mark the camera follows a straight line for about 5 seconds or so.

              Btw I am familiar with the book of Enoch and fully supports it’s authenticity and inspiration. I haven’t read a big chunk of it but haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet. I’ll have to read through it again with a new perspective on a flat earth. Though it seems like the scriptures in themselves fully support a flat earth model, what with the talk about the earth being stable, and having edges and the scriptures that we already mentioned above.

              You’re totally right also about the photographs of the earth. I looked for some last night to and couldn’t find any anywhere, they are all recreations with cheap backdrops. There has always been something fishy about the NASA projects, people have been saying for quite sometime that the moon landing was staged, it seems like the internet should be littered with photos of the earth from space, but there is nothing, they are always some sort of simulated reproduction, often times with different scales and color contrast. I seen that video to where apparently the satellite is recording the earth spin yet the clouds never once move.. ? that was very strange indeed, it’s like they didn’t even try to make it real. The whole Antarctic treaty is another very very intriguing piece of the puzzle to.

              It really makes me wonder.. that is the thought occurred to me when researching this topic, as well as just contemplating what I already know about evolution being a hoax and naturalism in it self being preposterously absurd, perhaps we are living in the the great deception “coming with all power, signs, lying wonders, and all unrighteous deception.” When I consider that Satan is ruler of the earth, i realize he must be manipulating humanity everywhere for his Luciferian agenda, his sole purpose is to deceive people from the knowledge of God. Like I mentioned before, this is all bringing to home for me the reality that Satans influences are endemic to the whole world, every spectrum of humanity is infiltrated with his lies and deception. He is fighting vigorously and ferociously to conceal the glory of God. The masses are buying into his lies and we are standing right here in the middle of it, waking up from the matrix and realizing everything we were taught growing up was a lie, people are plugged into the system and whenever you try and pull them away from it they react violently with contempt. Just like Platos allegory of the cave so perfectly depicts it. I am really beginning to step back and see the manipulation and the system for what it is, unbridled Satanic influences.

                1. Boy Hillary sure sounds like she has some personal resentment against “ceilings”, doesn’t she? 😉

                  I was thinking about the tower of babel as you mentioned earlier. It’s very interesting when you begin to think of them trying to build up to the dome in order to break through to it.

                  Also I wonder if the dome could have something to do with all these attempts to create portals. ?

                  1. Totally. I’ve been thinking a lot about the ramifications of things like CERN and such (the modern day Babel) and how that might look from a more “enclosed world” perspective. I keep feeling that if the “firmament” is indeed some kind of barrier around everything, then perhaps this very much is the “veil” spoken of in scripture, the boundary between the heavens and the earth (under which Satan and the fallen ones were imprisoned within after they rebelled…)

                    I’ve also been pondering things like the “Star of Bethlehem”, which over the years I’ve heard various people talk about theories involving various astronomical events two thousand years ago which they think might have been “the Star”… But that’s another one of those things I never could quite understand how that would’ve worked. If the star was really something out in space, then how did the wise men know when it “stopped over Bethlehem”…? (unless indeed the Star was an angelic being, who actually COULD “wander” and then stop over the newborn Messiah…) 😉

                    Another bit of scripture that always made me scratch my head was the part in Revelation (I think it’s during the bowl judgments? Or maybe the Trumpets..) but where it says a third of the moon was struck, and a third of the sun, so that a third of the night and a third of the day was pitch black… That always seemed like such a bizarre thing to even try to imagine how that could work in a solar-system model. How do you “block a third of the sun/moon” so that a third of their duration of light is affected?

                    Anyways, just want you to know how much of an encouragement your comments have been lately. It’s been a weird week, with all of this. I think you’re the only one who has dared to even say anything to me in terms of even entertaining such radical levels of speculation (though I admit that’s hardly surprising…) Just very refreshing to have someone else to bounce these kinds of questions off of, since, yeah… Many times lately I have stopped and wondered if I was really just losing it completely.

                    1. Honestly I owe you a thanks for sharing all this and not being afraid of what others might think. The reason why I always dismissed the idea of a flat earth in the past was because I thought the scriptures actually supported a globe, but after hearing what the scriptures have to say and opening myself up to hear the evidence for it’s support, well I have to say I’m starting to be a believer myself. no matter how crazy it might sound to everyone else, we have to go where ever the truth leads us.

                      Everything about the flat-earth and the impenetrable dome or “vault” that contain the heavenly bodies seems to be aligning perfectly with our observations both in the scriptures and in the world around us. The dubious nature of the NASA projects and the obvious gaps in the evidence really stand out like a sore thumb in all this. Not even one real picture of the earth exists, that just blows my mind. I never understood why NASA would have tried to stage the moon landing before, I mean it seems like for the most part spaceships are pretty capable of flying into space, but it all makes so much sense now. It’s almost makes me just sit back and chuckle, It really puts everything in perspective. From Gods sovereignty and majesty, to mankind’s rebellious heart. It’s like the governments and NASA and all those people know God exist, they know there is a dome enclosing us, they know the Bible is infallible, rather they are consciously trying to defy God, and that’s where I start to chuckle. Not because the people, but because God’s great.

                      This all paints such a more clear picture of the world we live in, how weak and pathetic we are compared to God, we are just living in His little fish bowl like ants, utterly powerless, just the way the scriptures describe it. I mean to people like me and you it’s so obvious that God exists, as it should be to everyone, but people just darken their hearts so much and become so vain in their speculations and thoughts that the truth is repugnant to them, and on the other side Satan is so desperately trying to ostracize the truth and alienate anyone who accepts it.

                      But yeah this whole flat earth topic has really grabbed my attention and I can’t thank you enough for sharing it. Like I said it’s really been opening up my eyes to a whole new reality that just continue to put God on the front stage of my life.



                    2. Proverbs 8: 27-29

                      27 “When He established the heavens, I was there,
                      When He inscribed a circle on the face of the deep,
                      28 When He made firm the skies above,
                      When the springs of the deep became [j]fixed,
                      29 When He set for the sea its boundary
                      So that the water would not transgress His [k]command,
                      When He marked out the foundations of the earth

                      I thought it was interesting in v. 28 when it says “When He made firm the skies above.” I had been thinking about what the big-bang or expanding universe would look like from a flat earth perspective. Interestingly the official diagram of the expansion according to NASA actually looks like this

                      I still have some reservations to whether or not it’s all a hoax, it seems to be somewhat certain that something fishy is going on somewhere somehow, but the exact extent of it all I cant to be to sure of yet.

    2. (oops, forgot to finish my sentence “As for the question of how a flat earth wouldn’t experience full sunlight all the time…” I was simply going to say that I believe they cover that one in the video quite well, with diagrams and everything. Basically it’s just a function of the sun and moon being a LOT closer than we have always been told they are, and so they function essentially as a sort of “spotlight” upon the earth, moving around in spiraling circular “paths”, and when the sun gets far enough away from a particular spot on the earth, the light is no longer visible. That’s the idea anyway….)

  2. Then how would you explain for example, its currently nighttime here in Georgia(8:53pm) but is daytime in japan(9:52am) right now.

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