Hitler’s suicide was faked, recently released FBI documents show

Dang, that picture really does match the dimensions of Hitler’s facial features quite closely!

America's Final Days

On April 30 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker. His body was later discovered and identified by the Soviets before being rushed back to Russia. Or was it?

Recently released FBI documents are beginning to show that not only was Hitler and Eva Braun’s suicide faked, the infamous pair might have had help from the Swiss Director of the United States OSS himself, Allen Dulles.

In one FBI document from Los Angles, it is revealed that the agency was well aware of a mysterious submarine making its way up the Argentinian coast dropping off high level Nazi officials. What is even more astonishing is the fact that the FBI knew he was in fact living in the foothills of the Andes.

In a Los Angeles letter to the Bureau in August of 1945, an unidentified informant agreed to exchange information for political asylum. What he told agents…

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3 thoughts on “Hitler’s suicide was faked, recently released FBI documents show”

  1. Hi Strange. Funny you posted this. I recently listened to an interview of the author of a new book. He is a Christian man, and has documented proof of all his claims. What if we’ve been lied to about the whole shebang? Would that be so hard to believe? After all, we’ve been lied to about EVERYTHING else!! What id Hitler ACTUALLY was one of the good guys???!!!! Think about it.

    Here’s an excerpt:
    The Bad War: The Truth Never Taught About World War II

    “World War II has been called The Good War. But untold misery and millions of dead tell us something is not right. Have we been told the truth? Is history really propaganda? Why view the events of war from the perspective of the victor? What about the defeated Germans, the Russians killed and bludgeoned by our communist friend and pal, Joseph Stalin? What if we have been lied to, as if a dreadful script had been prearranged? Maybe it is time we looked behind the news. Would we begin to see massive crimes, deceit, and the shattering of illusions? Life will never be the same after we discover the startling facts about The Bad War, by investigative journalist M.S. King.”

    1. “What if we have been lied to, as if a dreadful script had been prearranged?”

      Yep, that’s pretty much the whole idea of the “Great Deception”.. 😉


      I am in complete disagreement with the notion that Hitler was one of the quote, “good guys”…

      First off, as a believer in God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all I have to do is compare the teachings, actions and values of Jesus Himself, to those of Adolph Hitler, and see that they are in stark contrast. Therefore, when held against the standard which Christ and the Word of God provides, then no, Hitler was the very opposite of a “good” guy.

      BUT… I will say that I do actually, amazingly, now more than ever understand how such a pitfall could be fallen into, this thinking that Hitler was maybe just “misunderstood”, especially when talking to folks in the “Truth Movement” / alternative media, etc., people who are waking up to the many lies and facets of the N.W.O….

      After all, when you’ve already been through so many paradigm-shattering “realizations”, had to come to grips within yourself that so many massive pillars within your belief system were a flat out lie, it really makes it hard to tell up from down after awhile. You start to think, “well, they’ve lied to me about pretty much everything else, so couldn’t this just be a complete lie too, and really the inverse is what is accurate?” What they call “medicine” is really poison. What they call “freedom” is really servitude. What they call “wealth” is really empty fiat currency. What they call “education” is really brainwashing. (etc., etc…) So for sure, there is a lot of validity to this kind of thinking after being lied to again, and again, and again (and to be honest, I’m weighing a fair amount of this type of logic when considering this whole “flat earth” question presently…)

      So of course, as we become more and more awakened to this sickening reality of lies, we start to see how time and again, the figure-heads, leaders and politicians who are demonized by the PtB are very often times so maligned because they in fact were a threat to the “establishment”. After all, they publish all the history books, own all the universities, news agencies, mass media, Hollywood, etc., so it’s quite true that they can portray history any way they choose, and most of what they say, is full of lies….

      But when it comes to someone like Hitler, beyond just the fact that we can look and see for ourselves (without being spoon-fed through propagandist channels) from what he said in speeches (many were filmed) what he wrote, what he did, etc., and see quite plainly that there is much that is plainly, and qualitatively EVIL…. We can ALSO come to fairly adequate understanding of how he factored into the “bigger NWO picture”.

      We can see who funded his rise to power in the post-WWI destitute Germany. We can see the many connections and collaborations that went on between Hitler’s Nazi regime and the NY/London-based Luciferian cabal(ists), i.e. IG Farben, Ford, etc. And quite importantly, we can note that both “sides” were up to their eyeballs in Occultism, and so the same Satanic “hidden hand”, (the devil himself…) is guiding all, and all sides are his puppets. Moreover, when we look at the whole picture of Operation Paperclip, and how thousands of Nazi officers, scientists, SS killers, and “Black Sun” occultists were not actually brought to trial, but brought over covertly to the United States by the SAME Luciferian mafia bank-rollers and embedded deep within the Top Secret levels of the newly-expanded American military/industrial complex. These sorts of Nazi/Amerika NWO data points are quite established at this stage and almost part of what would be the “Conspiracy 101” I suppose…

      Anyways, Hitler being taken secretly by U-boat to South America where he lived out the rest of his years in hiding would’ve just been another minor “mission” within the Paperclip chapter. He did his bit, then got to retire. The end. In the realm of the NWO Hegelian dynamic of controlled politics, the world is FULL of their puppet leaders, who they chose, prepared, funded, and eventually installed into power, or to then later demonize them in the media and perspective of “Western civilization”. After all, Stalin was their guy too. And Mao. And Pol Pot. And Saddam! And Noriega, and so many others…. Sometimes (a lot of times actually) these puppets get thrown under the bus and demonized because they stepped out line and weren’t staying with the program, other times it’s just a front entirely, and behind closed doors they’re still drinking buddy buddy with their so-called “enemies”, and sometimes, (as I believe is true in Hitler’s case), they get a nice little retirement package….

      So Hitler, “good guy”? Nope! If he had been really, truly “against” the evil Central Bankers with his “National Socialism”, then it wouldn’t make any sense for his to power to have been funded by them, and his secret escape from Europe to be equally funded and protected by them…..

      1. All you state about him may be true. But how do we KNOW it’s true? Because that’s what we’ve been TOLD is true.
        Hitler was elected by the PEOPLE and won by a landslide. He was very well liked, and if they had “polls” in those days, his numbers would have been off the charts!!
        This man DOCUMENTS all he states.
        We hear about his invasion of Poland, but we aren’t told that he only invaded the part of Poland that Stalin hadn’t already invaded, of which we hear NOTHING about. He shows clips from old newspapers, mostly New York Times, stating that he was FORCED to invade Poland because Stalin’s regime were slaughtering his countrymen. Again, and again, documents proving that Hitler wanted PEACE. Time and time again, his was pushed into acting. I was amazed, because just like you, I had a nasty picture of him painted in my mind, based on “history”. (or not?)
        Gaddafi, and Hussein were NOT saints, but they were both heavily supported by their own people. Gaddafi attempted to set up their own $$$ and did many other things to help his people, but he had to go, because of the lies that were told about him, same with Hussein. What we were told, and what they did were two different things.
        Did you know the US hired mercenaries to pull down the statue of Hussein? Remember the image planted in your mind when we saw that on TV? That was NOT his people. Remember the story that Hussein was having the new-borns toppled out of incubators while they were still in hospital? ALL LIES.
        Word of the day is PROPAGANDA.

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