I Dare You To Convince Me This Is Real…

Okay friends, I’ve been posting about this stuff pretty frequently lately, and I know many of the people I interact with on a regular basis don’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole, but I’m sorry, how can we ignore this!? The footage in the video above comes directly from NASA’s website:


It is said to have been taken during a four hour period on July 17, about three weeks ago. The video does a good job pointing out the MANY glaring discrepancies, but I will mention just a few here that I find especially jarring.

Firstly, notice that the speed at which the moon passes by the Earth mirrors exactly the speed of the Earth’s rotation. Supposedly, the moon only orbits the Earth every 27 days or so, so the rotation of the Earth should appear to be much faster when compared to the movement of the moon around it.

Also, notice that once again, the clouds, don’t, move. At all. Check out the little spiral cloud formation right by Baja California. Doesn’t move. In four hours…

Also the video points out things such as the picture of the “backside of the moon” is different from many previous images said to be the backside of the moon, and other issues such as no atmosphere, no stars… (I mean seriously, how far away DO you have to get from the Earth and the moon, before a regular camera can take picture of the stars from space..??”

tothemoonPLEASE, do take a look at this, and as always feel free to comment…

3 thoughts on “I Dare You To Convince Me This Is Real…”

  1. I don’t know man. I’ve gone back and forth with the issue of whether we really landed on the moon or not, and I kind of decided to settle for ‘yeah, we did’. But things like this make me wonder again. There’s definitely some issues with NASA. Were you aware of the issues concerning Mars? I’ve heard a number of people suggesting that all footage of Mars is fake and there was even a video someone made trying to show that has all been edited with effects to blur out or ‘smooth over’ objects and features…

    1. Yeah I’ve heard the objections about Mars, and I’m pretty doubtful on that one too. Have you seen the videos on the mars rover press conference? Pretty hilarious actually.

      But anyhow, I was basically in the same place when it came to the Apollo missions for a long time, where I had seen all the stuff about reflections in the visors, and no dust on the fee of the lunar lander, and shadows pointing different directions etc, and I found it all pretty intriguing, but still nothing that seemed super definitive. Then I listened to an interview with Bart Sibrel, and watched his documentary called “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to The Moon”.

      And, yeah…. After watching that it was pretty much impossible not to believe the moon landings were faked. You simply can’t deny the footage they found, which clearly shows the Apollo astronauts faking a shot, using the round window of the craft, to make it look like they were halfway to the moon, and then they flip the lights back on and take this piece of paper away from the window, and it’s plain to see that they are still in “low earth orbit”.

      The astronauts went up, by they definitely didn’t go to the moon…

      1. Fascinating. I’m going to have to find and watch that film then. Yeah I saw a video someone had made analysing all the Mars footage and pointing out where it looked like more complicated surfaces and/or objects had been ‘smoothed over’ by video-editing software to make it look like there was nothing there, etc.
        If I can find it again, I’ll send you the link.

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