From Bailey, to Crowley, to Dawkins, the Agenda is the Same…

It is quite amazing and sad to realize how many people really have bought into this lie which says that “religion” is ultimately the root of all evils, the real enemy of true freedom, and the scourge of humanity. And by “religion” they really just mean the message of Jesus as found in the Bible

11 thoughts on “From Bailey, to Crowley, to Dawkins, the Agenda is the Same…”

  1. It really is amazing and sad. The only thing I find even more disturbing is that there are also some who believe themselves to be Christians who have been totally deceived. I am so open minded when it comes to defining such things it is not even funny, but when Christ is no longer the focus of your -ianity, I draw the line. 😉

  2. You’re absolutely right, this idea touted by the atheist that religion is the root of all evil is merely an attempt to depict God as inherently wicked, they would rather have us believe that rather than the obvious truth that mankind is inherently depraved. As if the attribution of evil could not be better understood through some sort of humanistic craving for power and affluence, some common thread that could be traced through gang violence, diabolical corporations, drug wars, and political escapades. But nope, it’s Jesus, belief in Jesus is the root of all evil, that’s what people like Dawkins would have us believe.

    1. Yep, the guy who taught us to love our enemies, and turn the other cheek, and forgive each other, etc., that’s the guy responsible for all the evil in this world… Hmm? 😉

      1. the atheistic agenda really couldn’t be more apparent. It’s scary and enlightening when you begin to think people like Dawkins are basically running the public school systems, what manner of distorted logic are they using to skew the evidence and advance their world-view? it makes me very angry and sad, essentially the American academia is mass producing indoctrinated students, they get their atheist handbook before being forced to bow to the dogma. It’s just so frustrating to see how pretentious and pompous these atheist goons are all the while atheism is completely unsubstantiated scientifically and logically -_-

  3. Um I don’t think the atheists are satanic, because that would be a religion. I consider myself an atheist and I have love in my heart and for my fellow man. I was brought up Christian and believe this gave me a good base of morals.
    I think what people object to about religion is the use of a Holy name for the manipulation of others. Blindly following someone else’s view and dogma.
    I think you will find most atheists have a lot of love to give.

    1. Well, it’s an interesting topic for sure… I don’t believe the guy making the video was trying to say that all atheists are Satanic in the “Anton Levay kind of way”, rather, that when we look at the extremely vitriolic rhetoric of a guy like Richard Dawkins, it is stunningly aligned with the anti-Christian messages of occultists such as Aleister Crowley, Alice Bailey, etc…

      If we’re honest, the crux of Dawkin’s anti-Christian views go far beyond an aversion to using a Holy name to manipulate others, or blindly following dogma, etc. I would say that the vast majority of Theists are just as opposed to blindly following dogma and the use of manipulation. That is a description of belonging to a cult, not putting your faith in a God through your own free will. Big difference…

      But do folks like Dawkins and the other “new atheists” allow for this distinction? Not at all. They compare belief in God to a disease, declaring it to be the most dangerous of threats to humanity and “progress”! Personally, I find this quite rife with irony, on a philosophical level, since from a purely atheistic, Evolutionary standpoint, there is ultimately nothing to provide any kind of true basis for a definition of right/wrong, freedom/slavery, etc. In a purely Evolutionary universe, everything that is, simply is, because it “evolved that way”. How can one rant against the religious views of others, if they claim to believe that everything (including the beliefs of religious people) are simply the result of random chance?

      And that really is the ultimate irony, because when all is said and done, i don’t believe anyone is pragmatically speaking, a true atheist. Everyone puts their faith in something, whether it be a higher power or God, or the “synchronicity of the Universe”, or the Evolution of man, or “Science”, or just themselves. I have yet to meet a single person who really lived as though everything in life was actually nothing more than the random collisions of molecules.

      Because you’re right, even most atheists have a lot of love to give, and naturally react in opposition to things like the oppression of their fellow man, but the real question is, why….? 😉

      I wrote more about this whole topic a little while ago:

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Crowley famously predicted the advent of ‘Crowley-anity’ as the religion of the 21st century, if I remember correctly. I used to read that and think ‘what a deluded egotist’ – but the funny thing is that now I wonder if this IS actually a century of ‘Crowley-anity’ we’re experiencing, after all.

  5. Many people get their ideas on religion “second-handedly.” They hear this idea or that one and they just adopt it as their own! People need to study Christianity and the bible message to see what they really believe. But it seems to much a bother for many. How sad…


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