10 thoughts on “Possibly the Most Occult-Laden Commercial I’ve Ever Seen…”

  1. As an occultist I did not see that much occult related material in the advert, although I am sure the images and coloring would appeal to people in the Left Hand Path.

    1. Well, admittedly there are no pentagrams or Baphomet-heads, but there is a LOT more going on than mere images and coloring… 😉

      It’s kind of hard to summarize it, especially if you aren’t familiar with R$E’s other videos.

      I am curious, have your occult studies familiarized you with the concept of the entities who are trapped in the Abyss, or are you more an adherent of “philosophical Satanism”…?

        1. Well then, I suppose that in itself would account for a vast difference in the interpretation of symbolism between yours and mine, if your perspective on the Occult is that it’s anything that could be viewed apart from demonology!

          I believe in a literal Satan, who is a literal fallen angel, heading an army of fallen angels, and demons, etc. According to the Bible, as well as all my own research, ALL occultism stems from Babylon and Nimrod, all the “mystery schools” and magikal traditions being passed down through the centuries, from the beginning when the fallen ones first taught mankind all the various means of sorcery and divination.

          I know that virtually all practicing occultists and magicians believe that they are simply learning the “secret knowledge” of how to manipulate various elements and forces of the universe for their own benefit, and so the demonology is considered only a small subsection of the broader disciplines, but I will tell you right now that this is blindness.

          Where do you think all the power behind the spells come from? The energy in the workings? It’s not coming from within yourself, it’s not coming from the “Universe”. There are spiritual beings behind every supernatural affect that a human might conjur. It doesn’t matter if you regard it as “energy”, or the “ancient gods”, or demons, or angels of light, or ascended masters, or grey aliens. They are all the same thing. They are all working to deceive people, and lead them away from the One, True God, and they ALL cower at the name of Jesus….

          1. There are a lot of systems of magick that we in the occult can use, including Enochian magick, based on angels. The puritans of England were quite happy to use Kabbalah in its many forms in an age of witch burning.

            1. Yes, there are many, many varying “systems”, but from my perspective, they all have the same source.

              I am more familiar with things such as “Enochian magick” and Kabbalah than perhaps you might assume…

    1. 🙂 !! Oh, that video is pretty great. Poor VW bug, so unstylish… (but what the heck was “push button lubrication” supposed to be? How does that even work?) Hilarious…

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