Rob Skiba folds, yet somehow this only pushes me further…

Man… Last night I was up during the wee hours, perusing my YT subs, when I figured I go and visit Rob Skiba’s “” website to see if he had added any new content recently. What I found was all of the content removed, with only this note left as an explanation:

“Sorry, but this particular “quest for truth” has brought us nothing but pain and significant damage – emotionally, spiritually and especially financially – on top of a lot of other crap we’ve had to deal with at the same time. I now wish I had never gone down this “rabbit trail” as along the way, I have found that MOST people don’t care at all about truth (no matter what the topic is) and they have no desire to question what they’ve been taught about anything. So at this point, I’m done caring too. Believe whatever the hell you want. With any luck, it’ll all hit the fan next month (September) anyway. Hopefully, by then, whatever you read, heard or saw prior to me deleting everything will help you deal with whatever the future does or does not hold for us all.”

This really sucks. Breaks my heart almost. Within a week or so ago, he was still releasing videos on the Flat Earth topic, and somehow between then and now, he clearly has felt beaten down to the point of throwing in the towel altogether. From the note, it doesn’t sound to me like he became disillusioned with the question of the FE itself, but only incredibly disillusioned by the response. It’s hard for me to surmise just exactly how/why that is, or how he would’ve been taking a serious blow financially from this, but I can speculate to some degree. Maybe his “Seed the Series” project was suddenly having people pull out of wanting to be involved? I don’t know. It’s hard not to think that perhaps a large degree of the damaging backlash has come from the direction of his fellow Christian researchers, and if that’s true, then it really makes me sad. I just don’t get it, honestly… I mean, Skiba has always been someone who’s been willing to go further outside the box than most, and endure criticism, whether it be regarding things like the question of certain holidays being Pagan, or whatever. His stance on this Flat Earth issue was of exceptional integrity from my point of view. I mean, even if the whole thing turned out to be a complete dead-end, and the world turns out to be absolutely spherical after all, then, still, I had to commend him for being willing to at least seek it out, and dig into a topic that even most “fringe” researchers still seem scared to touch with a ten foot pole…

And that’s part of what is just so weird about this whole thing to me. I mean, I’ve been wandering the world of conspiratorial “fringyness” for maybe six years now.(?) (give or take), and in that span of time, I’ve certainly come across a LOT of people and ideas which were a LOT weirder, and had a LOT LESS compelling evidence behind them, yet somehow they’ve all come and gone, without the majority of those figures being taken to the proverbial town square and burned at the stake.

For crying out loud, there are authors and researchers out there, right now,__terror_from_planet_x___by_vashperado talking about the Hollow Earth, or the terra-forming of our planet to prepare it for extraterrestrial habitation, or “Planet X”, or the idea that Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden by having sex with Lucifer, or a secret Space Program where genetically-engineered soldiers use “jump rooms” to teleport to Mars, or the Queen being a shape-shifting reptilian, or Sasquatch being a lost race of hairy interdimensional beings, or, you name it, it’s out there! These sorts of topics abound, and oddly enough, for the most part seem to be quite embraced, even if only as more of a “speculative conspiratorial romp” instead of a serious inquiry. You can listen to some guy talk about secret underground bases housing armies of hybrid bodies waiting to be incarnated with alien/demonic intelligences, and hey, it was a fun little trip, but then you get to turn it off and go on your merry way, not having your entire worldview being challenged all that much, but merely getting to file it away as “something interesting I just listened to”. And I get it, because I do this too. Call it “conspira-porn”, or whatever. It’s everywhere, and and almost an accepted “sub-genre” of the “Truth Movement” as a whole.

5a354d3b271c4b8b0de2d5846d9fb2b1So that’s why I think this whole Flat Earth issue, and now this specific example of what’s happened with Skiba, is really sort of telling, in a way. Telling of exactly what, I’m not entirely sure, but it is telling…

Why do people seem to react with such vitriol, such emotion, to THIS particular “conspiracy theory”, when there have already been countless others that have come along, which are just as “looney”, but didn’t seem to ruffle any feathers? Is it because the psychological conditioning regarding the matter of actually giving serious consideration to the notion of a Flat Earth has just been THAT deep, and THAT effective? Possibly. Is it really because people within the “Truth Movement” (arg, I really do hate that term…) are just concerned about “destroying the credibility of the movement”, and are afraid of crossing that final, tin-foil-hatted line of the Flat Earth, and being labeled as truly backwards, ignorant, and “unscientific”?

But speaking of “unscientific”, that is really a large part of what I find so absolutely ironic about all of this. The Flat Earth topic really does stand out from any other bizarre theory or notion I’ve ever encountered before, in that it actually IS involving a vast number of people who are getting up off their butts, going outside, and doing all kinds of experiments and investigations for themselves, to see if we can actually measure something like the Earth’s curvature, or send up balloons to see if the moon can be still be seen when it is supposedly on the other side of the globe, etc. That IS science! That really should be something that is celebrated and encouraged, no matter how dumb people might think the theory being tested is. It’s being tested. Is that not what science is supposed to champion? Or has science truly given way to scientism, whereby the academic institutions and ivory-towered intellectuals with Rockefeller funding are the only ones we need to bother asking about what is true??

This, in itself, really troubles me. So many of us are perfectly content to put stock into theories, or investigations, which more or less are based almost entirely upon scrutinizing photographs, watching amateur videos, or listening to the testimonies of “insiders” and “whisteblowers”, whose credibility can often times be hard to authenticate. How many zillions of hours have been spent by “conspiracy theorists” bantering away in forums, debating whether or not Bob Lazar was telling the truth, yet, no one’s made a huge fuss about those conversations “destroying the credibility of the Truth Movement”! There are scores of pet theories out there, which for the most part are based on little more than rampant speculation, or some tiny nugget of “evidence” which is then taken and run with to the Nth degree, (i.e. “the face on Mars”), while there is literally TONS of valid data points which really give a solid basis for at least investigating the true nature of the Earth further, but most people just shut down before even considering it all.


Is the difference perhaps, that as bizarre as so many of those theories might be, they don’t threaten the existence of what has become a very cherished notion, the concept of “Outer Space” itself? Or is it because most of those bizarre theories actually don’t pose much threat of ever actually being proven or disproven at the hands of ordinary people, since deep down we all know that most of us will never be able to go exploring Top Secret underground bases for ourselves, or sneaking into the Classified laboratories which may or may not house the hordes of alien embryos? Maybe both…?

I suppose this now why perhaps this Flat Earth issue intrigues me all the more, because if nothing else, it really does pose to us a very interesting case testing the nature of “conspiracy psychology” and internet-age epistemology. For whatever reason, it IS divisive, and for many people that is enough reason for them to want to just walk away and write it all off as a “distraction” or a “psy-op” or whatever. But, to my perhaps hopelessly curious mind, I can’t help but want to know, WHY is it so divisive? Why does this, amongst all that is out there on the interwebs, manage to raise the hackles of so many self-professed “free thinkers” out there…?

The Flat Earth issue stands apart, in that it is something which at least regarding it’s most fundamental question (flat vs. round) can be tested first-hand, by virtually anyone, and indeed is being tested in such a way. No other conspiracy theory I have yet encountered is able to subject itself to such a level of basic, empirical authentication.

tumblr_nlkh5wnR7p1t3cxt2o1_250If it is just a “psy-op”, then you still have to answer as to why it serves as such an effective one, when compared to so many others.

25 thoughts on “Rob Skiba folds, yet somehow this only pushes me further…”

    1. But why??? I can’t wrap my head around it, no matter how hard I try. There are guys like Mark Seargent out there, talking about Flat Earth constantly (and from the “Everything is a hologram” viewpoint no less), and he has a podcast on the same network as Skiba, yet he doesn’t seem to be taking much of a financial hit…

      Is it just the Biblical flat Earth that isn’t tolerated?

      1. Rob Skiba turned my world upside down with his flat earth videos! It answered a myriad questions that I had regarding things written in the Bible. How could Jesus’ return be seen by “every eye” if the earth is a globe? How could Satan take Jesus to a “very high mountain to see all the kingdoms of the world” if the earth was a globe? All the scriptures talking about “to the ends of the earth” “as far as the east is to the west”
        and that is just the tip of the iceberg! (No pun intended) hee hee Lord, I pray for Rob! Give him the strength to tell the truth as he sees it and let those whose eyes have been opened encourage him by their support and prayers. Amen My life has been changed forever by his videos. It got me to researching what I believe and searching the Bible for answers. God bless Him!

      2. I want to say “Thank You” for your dedicated work and research you put into your site. Your website name caught my attention in a very sharp way. This is my first visit to your page, and I must say, it’s as if you have reached in and taken every thought, feeling, unanswered question, fear, and hunch inside my head and brought them into substance. I cannot express to you my gratitude, for the careful thought and eloquence you give each and every article. I have only recently become “awake” to flat earth, but more than that, to finally realize the overwhelming oppression and lies being forced onto us by TPTB. I was lost to our Lord for some time, but only for His grace and mercy, have I been found. It is truly liberating to know I am not alone in my thoughts, that there are others who can “see” through the veil. I will continue to frequent this site and pass along your name. Again, I sincerely thank you for all you do.

  1. Accepting the earth is flat these days is like people accepting Jesus is God and died for everyone’s sins. I mean, it would be THAT explosive. The amount of dominoes that would fall… I mean we’re talking about the propping up of a 500+ year old LIE. Knowingly by respected “scientists.” It could very well take down the entire network of illuminati simply by entertaining the thought, because your mind will rush to fill in the vacuum with the correct information, so anyone who starts to believe it will become insatiable for true knowledge– in other words it would wake people up IMMEDIATELY and they cannot have that. I bet there’s an entire “Rob Skiba”unit at the CIA or whatever, just undergrad English majors given 40K a year to write all kinds of unrelenting crap on the boards and in the comments section to get this guy to stop. It’s not like they can try to take him out or something, that would just raise too many red flags that he could be right. So they just had to skewer him to death. I can’t even comprehend how much discouragement he must’ve had to come across to make him stop.

    1. Excellent thoughts. As to your point here: “your mind will rush to fill in the vacuum with the correct information, so anyone who starts to believe it will become insatiable for true knowledge”, I think I’m sort of inclined to only half agree. On the one hand, I totally agree that for a lot of people, once they are broken free from the construct of interwoven lies we are told from birth, it leads to an insatiable hunger that is ultimately only satisfied by discovering the Creator Himself. But at the same time, I think for a lot of other people, their rejection of the Illuminati-fed propaganda will lead to the acceptance of an ancient paganism, or “One-ism”, etc. (ironically, the same ancient paganism practiced by the “Elites”…)

      Like you said, people choose to believe in things ultimately based on how it affects their preferred Cosmology of sovereignty/freedom. In other words, people choose to believe in Evolution, because it essentially teaches that we are all on our way to godhood. If we can see that the globe Earth, copernican Universe, etc. are all building blocks of that Evolutionary worldview, then it makes a lot of sense that people would be quite unwilling to dare question it… 😉

      But yeah, very sad about Skiba. His message on that site was really so defeated. (“good job Satan, you won…”) Man… I think a major part of how it felt like such a blow, is that apparently all the other areas of his ministry really suffered, funding was pulled from future projects, etc. That’s a tough deal indeed for anyone who is trying to rely on things like DVD sales or conference speaking appointments and such to support oneself. I think a ton of his “colleagues” basically turned their backs on him completely, not wanting to be stained themselves with the guilt-by-association with Rob’s “craziness”. (I have to give guys like Josh Peck credit for not being one of those cowardly folks…) So yeah, I don’t think it was just a matter of the obnoxious YT trolls. If that was the bulk of the persecution, I don’t think it would’ve been too much. But being ostracized by a whole “community” of other researchers, podcasters, fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ? Simply because you are actually researching something which is both quite heavily described in the Bible, and also now being heavily supported by empirical evidence…??? Pretty sad indeed. Rob really risked a lot, just to ask the question, and very few people were brave enough to stand by him….

    1. (dude… I’m about to post about another documentary I just found, that is absolutely stellar. Really top notch. I think it’s safe to say I’m fully convinced at this point…) 😉

      1. I’m very interested to check it out, I’ve been hanging in the balance between both sides at the moment, still looking for some more conclusive evidence to completely push me over one way or the other. So yeah I’ll be sure to give it a gander 😉

      2. about half way through the documentary, If I were straddling the wall prior, I definitely have two feat on one side now. Very very compelling. Especially how he uses so many various independent lines of evidence in corroboration.

        1. Indeed, and the crazy thing is, the longer these questions percolate in my brain, the more questions/considerations keep occurring to me. For example, just yesterday I was out walking in the midday Vegas heat, and suddenly it dawned on me that it’s rather peculiar to think that the temperature during the sun-filled hours would peak so much in the middle, and then start to go back down in the evening before the sun has even set. We all tend to think of this as a function of the distance between us and the sun, being affected by the rotation of the Earth. (i.e., we are closest to the sun in the middle of the day, when our part of the ball spins closest) But then I sat down and started really looking at the numbers. When you compare the actual radius of the Earth (which is approx. 4,000 miles) to the supposed distance from the Sun to the Earth (allegedly 93,000,000 miles), what you arrive at is an overall daily difference in distance of around 0.0086%(!)

          Now, you tell me, when you walk outside and stand in the direct sun in the middle of the day, does it really feel like the heat beating down on you is only 0.0086% hotter than if you were to stand in the sunlight right after sunrise…?

          I’m thinking I might have to do a video on this to dig into it deeper, because of course the heliocentric response would have to do with the matter of radiant heat, and “insolation”, and so on, but even these things don’t really add up if you think about them. If the actual Earth/Sun distance really only varies by a matter of 8 One-thousandths of one degree over the course of a given day, and the noticeable rise in temperature from morning to midday is because the Earth is gradually getting warmed up throughout the day, then I really think that it ought to be CONTINUING to heat up, all the way until the time that the sun finally went over the horizon. But, when you look at graphs of daily average solar radiation levels, you see a “bell curve”, where the most intense radiation is always in the middle of the day, with a SLIGHT leaning towards mid-afternoon. Anyhow, I know that was a really long, rambling comment, but I guess I’m really thinking that just with the issue of heat/distance alone, there are tons of interesting experiments/proofs that could be done. The globe model attributes so much in the differences in climates to the simple cause of the Earth’s rotation. Because when you think about it, the exact distance from a person standing on the Equator at dusk, would be pretty much the same as a person standing up towards the North Pole. Only difference is the equator guy just had his region arc closer to the sun during the day, supposedly accounting for the massive increase in temp. But again, we’re only talking about a difference of 0.0086% in distance (and presumably, solar radiation levels) between NOON on the Equator and noon up in the Arctic.

          When you think about all this, it’s VERY interesting to consider which model would really make more sense in terms of explaining such noticeable differences in daily solar output levels, a massive, distant Sun that is only changing 0.0086% in relation to us, or a small, circuit-revolving sun, that is actually get a LOT closer in the middle of the day, and a LOT farther away as evening set in? Lots to ponder…

          1. I have often thought of something very similar, even long before you first introduced me to the flat-earth concept, back when I took my first geography class. it’s interesting when you realize that, according to the helicoentric model, the earth varies in distance from the sun quit drastically depending on where its at in its orbit. It varies from about 91.4 million at it’s closest, to about 94.5 million at it’s furthest. This always struck me as odd for sort of the same reasons that you were just mentioning. How can 3 million mile variance produce no noticeable effect? I use to always hear people say how if we were even one mile closer to the sun we would burn up, but this just can’t be true considering the huge variance that we already encounter. This seems to contradict the idea that we experience a significant amount of more heart during the day because the earth to sun variance. Perhaps NASA was forced to make this rubbish up about the million mile variance so people wouldn’t question astronauts being able to withstand the heat during space travel, yet we know that the more lies you make up the more contradictions are going to become unavoidable.

            1. Yeah, great points. It’s interesting how the more I hear the various NASA/heliocentric arguments, the more they very much seem to follow the same pattern put forth by Evolution for so long. Darwin’s original estimates turned out to be not quite sufficient to explain all that really needed to form itself out of nothing from the Big Bang, so okay, just keep adding more millions of years, billions if necessary, until the sheer vast quantities of time are so long that it almost transcends our faculties of comprehension and eventually just shrug our shoulders and accept it. The NASA scientists just seem to do the same thing with distance. If your model doesn’t work, just throw in a few more million miles, or however many light years, and voila…. 😉

          2. I just came across your site here whilst trying to see what’s been happening to Rob. I agree with your statements, and find it amazing how heated the negative sided to the FE is. Why?

            Just a comment on the heat of the sun changing during the afternoon: I’ve been thinking about this too, and there is the possibility (if it’s indeed a globe) that the thickness of the atmosphere that the sunlight has to go through makes the difference. In the middle of the day, it’s beating down from directly above. Late afternoon, it’s coming from quite an angle through a greater distance of atmosphere. This could reduce the heat. Just a thought anyway.

            1. That is a very excellent point you raised about the question of just how much we should account for the atmosphere acting as a shield for the sun’s rays, depending on the angle etc., and it’s one that I’ve wondered about for sure.

              Of course, it’s funny to me how that the issue of the atmosphere functioning as a “heat shield” is one that somehow never makes into any of the official treatments of things like satellites, orbital spacecraft, “space walks”, etc. 🙂 If distance is not the primary determinant of how much heat one is exposed to, but rather the degree of atmosphere that is between oneself and the sun’s rays, then how does the act of being essentially on the very outer edge of the atmosphere not amount to putting oneself in an oven, getting up to even thousands of degrees, as I have heard many people assert?

              The question of lack of atmosphere and heat is one that initially factored very heavily in taking my first serious skeptical looks at the moon landings. Even a VERY conservative range of 200 – 250 degrees on the moon’s surface would be an INSANE environmental challenge to overcome, and there is no way that “water-cooled spacesuits” (which somehow function on battery power alone, and without the use of convection) were able to keep the “moon walkers” from frying alive in the lunar daytime… I’d say the same thing goes for satellites and “space stations” etc. The less atmosphere you’re underneath, the less shielding you have, the hotter you would be, and it would REMAIN that insane temperature for practically the entire time you weren’t hiding behind the shadow of the Earth (since there would be no morning/evening increases in atmospheric thickness) Regardless of whatever shiny, tin foil “shielding” they say they’ve put on them, they would simply melt. The more I look at the history of “space exploration”, the more I think it’s all just a fraud. Been looking at footage from the Gemini missions this morning, and wow, is it amazing how unconvincing it looks when you’re looking at it critically, and not just swallowing it whole without scrutinizing anything…

              But you’re so right, the degree to which the Flat Earth question is receiving SO much negative push back, even within the “Truth Movement” and conspiracy folks, is pretty amazing to me. It’s hard to make sense out of why this would be, if indeed the FE is just one more hair-brained conspiracy theory to come and go into the ether of the interwebs. I’ve heard people come and go, talking about every conceivable speculative thing you could possibly imagine, from modern Nephilim hybrids, to soul vampires, to “Hollow Earth” to Planet X or “Nibiru” or the Garden of Eden being alive and well in Africe, to Cain being the offspring of Satan himself having sex with Eve….(!) Why don’t any of those theories get treated with the same levels of disdain and freak-out-ness that the FE does? Is it because none of those ideas ever received as much serious attention as this one? (and just maybe could that be because there is far more compelling evidence to give serious consideration to a FE…?)

              I don’t know all the answers, but when it comes to the “professional” guys, and the authors, etc. (like Putnam at w ) I suspect it has a lot to do with them getting very scared about losing publishing deals or getting treated the same way that Skiba has. It’s really sad to see guys like Cris jumping on the bandwagon, and throwing out feeble attempts to debunk something that he obviously hasn’t spent much time even investigating, simply in order to preserve his “credibility” within something like the “Christian conspiracy arena”…

      1. Indeed. He has overcome.

        His latest findings on the earth’s cosmology closely resemble the inner eye cosmology btw. Interesting to follow his work indeed.

        1. Yeah, I’m STILL trying to wrap my head around the whole “inner eye cosmology” thing, to be honest. I dunno, I kind of have a hard time following that enterthestarz guy sometimes. He’s got so many videos, it’s hard to know which ones are the more “foundational” ones to start on, in order to try and grasp what he’s talking about. It’s like, I can’t tell if I’m taking certain elements too literally, or not literally enough!(?)

    1. I know, right… I mean, it’s SO beyond obvious that the Earth is a sphere, like, come on…

      Heck, people have even walked on the MOON, for crying out loud, and taking a picture of the Earth from it’s surface!

      (right..?) 😉

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