An Interview With James Casbolt, Super Soldier

Hadn’t heard this particular man’s account before, but it echoes many of the ones I have. Very sobering.

Upon The Face Of The Waters

James Casbolt is one of the most controversial individuals to come forward claiming to me a victim of MK Ultra Trauma Based Programming. He also claims to be a Manchurian Candidate type super soldier, with alters, keys and cybernetic enhancements. He also claims to have rubbed elbows with the elite Illuminati billionaires who run the world, and also claims to be involved with aliens, remote viewing and just about every other paranormal occult subject out there. He sounds far-fetched and yet here is a picture of him (on the left) with the Duke Of Marlborough….
dukeRichard Hall: Tell us about your first memories.

James Casbolt: This goes back to 1976 when I was a baby, the name of the project I was involved in was project Ibis. There are Nazi connection with that, it connects to the Egyptian pyramids, Thoth, and the whole Giza intelligence group, the Nazi group. The…

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