My Video on the Flat Earth, the Book of Enoch, the Bible, Prophecy, etc…

So here is the video version of my previous post on The Book of Enoch, Truthers, and Questioning the Globe.

I think it came out okay for the most part, but I was admittedly having issues with the microphone for about the first third of the vid, so hopefully the crackles from that aren’t too distracting. It does get better as it goes along. Also, I apologize if the music is too distracting for some people as well. That tends to be the biggest complaint I’ve had about all my previous videos (“The move is too loud, I can’t hear the narration…”), so, yeah, if that’s the case, I would recommend listening with headphones instead of any laptop or phone speaker. I really do hate the sound of my own voice in the end, and I will be the first to declare that my narrating skills are pretty embarrassing, so, I guess having music in the background helps me feel less “naked” while doing, audio-wise. Anyhow, enjoy.

10 thoughts on “My Video on the Flat Earth, the Book of Enoch, the Bible, Prophecy, etc…”

  1. I thought your video was spot on. We are coming into the days when we will have to STAND for the truth no matter how evil the opposition will be. You may be dragged in front of kings to stand for Jesus Christ. Remember that evil men and seducer’s will say all sorts of hurtful things in the comment sections and there are a lot of trolls within Satan’s employ whose sole purpose is to break you and discourage you. KNOW that you are on the right path and that you are doing what God has put on your heart to do. Do NOT sell yourself short God has faith in you

    1. Yes I agree Linda. He has been appointed by God to do His Work. God is the author of all good. To speak the truth about God and all things, is literally to be His secretary. And if you’re being trolled you can be 100 percent that you’re doing a good job for God. Nice one. God bless and keep you all in the palm of His Hand.

  2. Better hurry! Not much time to waste!

    Be us on foaming waves, or in space!

    Good, you’re starting to shout:

    “Our time’s running out!”

    “Through a glass, darkly: then face to face….”

  3. Oh man, it’s like you’re a real person now! And not just an avatar! Nice work.

      1. Hey, I’d be totally fine with you being a projection of my conspiratorial subconscious 😉
        By the way, I just watched the video properly. It’s really good. It’s brilliantly edited/composed too and the images are really cool. You also definitely have a good video/narrator voice or style of speech – much better than mine. I hope to see more.

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