“Apollo’s Key”: Connecting CERN to the Flat Earth Puzzle and Biblical Prophesy…

This. Is. Epic. Possibly the best comprehensive documentary touching on all these issues I’ve seen thus far. The first two hours offer a very well edited and fairly exhaustive compilation of the all the typical questions involving “Flat Earth proofs”, the true Biblical support of this model, as well as the evidence for a vast Luciferian N.W.O. agenda manipulating NASA and so much more. This portion alone would stand tall as a very well made piece, weaving together TONS of information in a manner which flows very naturally and is quite easy to watch. They really put a lot of effort into making this into a solid presentation.

But then, the final 45 minutes or so gets REALLY good, examining how the “Cosmic origins agenda” followed the “space race” agenda, and shows how the two fit together quite seemlessly, as seen now with CERN being the true “rebuilt tower of Babel”, the “Rainbow Bridge”, the “stargate”, etc., with which they intend to pierce the veil, punch through the Firmament, and invade the heavens… The UN logo, amazingly, not only depicts the flat earth map, (dividing the Earth into 33 regions), but ALSO has encoded within it a depiction of the 8-spoked “wheel of time”, just like the LHC, and the same elements can be found within the logo for “2015: The Year of Light” as well.

It shows how the UFO/alien Deception fits into the Globe/NASA deception, along with the Vatican, along with the LHC, all working together to bring about the very things which God revealed to the apostle John, almost two thousand years ago. If you are already in the place where your eyes are being opened to the Flat Earth issue, and don’t have time watch the entirety of this film, then I’d say it’s still well worth your time to watch that last 45 minutes. It even talks the New World Religion of “One-ness” which I’ve talked about in previous posts.

It’s all coming together, oh man… All these pieces we’ve been looking at individually for years now. To a degree that I honestly am not sure I ever fully expected to see it. This is it, the Great Deception, unfolding before our very eyes! This IS “Mystery Babylon”… And it’s only now being revealed to us, not by our own wisdom, but by the God of Heaven and Earth, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End…

This is just one of those crazy, Holy-Spirit-confirming kind of junctures for me, to be honest, because again and again I keep coming across other people who are seeing how all these pieces fit together too. This video puts it all together far better than my own feeble abilities of explanation could do. CERN is the “key”. Lucifer’s weapon is light…

5 thoughts on ““Apollo’s Key”: Connecting CERN to the Flat Earth Puzzle and Biblical Prophesy…”

    1. Wow, is that Apollo coming down from Heaven in that painting on the left? Lots of interesting stuff in here, thanks for the link! (so what did the Illuminati card game say about Nicholas Cage…?)

      It looks like you gals were digging pretty deep into this stuff years before Tom Horn and Chris Putnam came out with their “Exo-Vaticana” book… But speaking of which, it’s pretty amazing how now that I’ve had my eyes opened to this FE topic, so much of that Vatican weirdness makes all the more sense too, like when it comes to things like their telescope “L.U.C.I.F.E.R.” and so much more. Obviously, all of these massive “space telescopes” would have to be a very central component of the heliocentric conspiracy, and it really makes me want to research that side of it more. I’ve already seen information talking about how the Vatican’s telescope on Mt. Graham, as well as a big telescope in Hawaii, are both built on hilltops that were long regarded as “Sacred high places” by the indigenous peoples of those areas. I.e., they seem to be built in places that are vortexes, where the spiritual veil is “thinner” than normal.

      Do you think these massive “telescopes” and “Observatories” etc. are really some kind of weird occult temple, or some kind of ritual mechanisms? Are they peering into other spiritual realms, (rather than “outer space”) and essentially practicing divination, right in front of our noses, while everyone believes it to be materialistic “science”…???

      1. Yes, we were researching ahead of the curve, Sue and I. Most of our work is listed on Scribd.


        While the Vatican is peering further into darkness, outer and subatomic space and its outworking continues to mislead the global religious flock and preps the world toward the post chaotic ‘alien card’, let us indeed focus on continued spiritual preparedness and progressive revelation under the Lord’s spiritual and written leadership.

        On the Forthtell blog, a.o. you will be able to follow our perspectives on what lies within but also beyond the conflicting geo- and heliocentric cosmology models. Exploring the soon to manifest post Hegelian conflict reality, I hypothesize we’re moving beyond both earth-bound paradigms toward a spiritually oriented universe model, an a-typical sentient, electromagnetic, programmable, self-replicating universe model based on super symmetry, Adiabetic quantum computing systems Web 2.0), quantum entanglement, provoking resonance/responsiveness and possibly establishing communicative and stabile connectivity between corresponding particles from various dimensions.

        What universe model will hold up to order this caliber reality? My bets are on the lens-inner eye earth cosmology model as THE model that surpasses the scale, depth and complexity we are entering into plus being firmly rooted in Scripture and natural patterns.

        If you want to peer deeply into the topic, consider listening to this broadcast featuring Anthony Patch.

        This article, featuring a.o. his views on adiabatic quantum computing as well, is very interesting too.


        Looking through the lens of Scripture and end times prophecy the Lord enables us to peer right through the Vatican issued harlot paradigms and projections, and discern true and forth telling patterns.

        By example: even the word ‘telescope’ is revealing more than superficially intended and forth tells how and when it is expected its’ synchs with the lens shaped earth model and causing collision thus alluding to CERN.


        Enterthe5t4rz playlist on the lens shaped earth and inner eye universe cosmology.


        1. Oh my goodness Sabine, I am so grateful to have come across your blog! I was excited even when first coming across it a few weeks ago, but the more I hear the more I am just SO encouraged, and feeling the Holy Spirit confirming all sorts of “weird” connections that I’ve been feeling Him making over the past few months that I have only vaguely understood.

          “…the soon to manifest post Hegelian conflict reality”, this sums it all up so much better than anything I’ve able to put into words. I’ve REALLY been struggling lately, with just trying to better articulate all that has been coalescing in my mind recently, how all these various conspiratorial tangents are all really gelling into a sythesized whole. And that’s really the whole point of all the Hegelian deception, isn’t it? Bringing about the final (Satanic) “synthesis” from all the thesis and anti-thesis…

          The longer I spend swimming around in all these Conspiracy circles, the more and more I see how SO many people are being led straight into New Age Luciferian belief systems, while all they while they are talking about having their “eyes opened” to the Satanic elites of the New World Order! So many people are buying into the lie of “the god within us” or the myth of “One-ness”, etc., and I seriously do believe that Satan and his fallen angels are almost certainly going to arrive at some perilous moment in their “space-ships”, or through some “wormhole”, and offer to save us FROM the “Satanic Elites”… (whom Satan has been using to set the whole thing up all along)

          But anyhow, it’s funny that you mention Anthony Patch, because I was actually so impacted by a lot of his material that I made a couple of compilation videos about it, this one talking about CERN and quantum computing:

          I was really disappointed when I learned about how a few months ago he was basically intimidated by the PtB into completely ceasing talking about CERN, but I am thankful for all the research of his that is still out there. So much of what he talked about was like on that level to me of “I really don’t know if I totally understand exactly how this works, but something about it rings true”, particularly when it comes to the issue of Saturn, and the “Saturn Cube” being basically the same as the Abyss, the pit where the Fallen Angels have been imprisoned all this time.

          Now that I’m digging into the Flat Earth/Cosmology question, I’m really starting to be drawn towards the understanding of Saturn and the “planets” being “dimensional planes”, just like you’re talking about. (like I said, so much of what you’re talking about is confirming things that God has already been leading me towards…) So many of the people who I was formerly pretty close to in “Christian conspiracy” pursuits seem to have really backed away from all the “weirdness”, so I guess I’m just trying to express how refreshing it is to hear someone not only understanding what I’m talking about, but even challenging me more, and helping me push onward. I will definitely be exploring these videos and the information you provided regarding the “lens shaped earth and inner eye universe cosmology”, so thank you very much for those links. It’s cool too, because there have been a few instances where I came across stuff talking about the “zetetic eye”, and/or the “zetetic universe”, and again, it was kind of a “something about this rings true” sort of moment, but I haven’t had the chance to explore that yet. Is that sort of the same thing? I guess I’ll just have to find out. 😉

          I definitely think that all of what I’ve heard you describe so far in terms of the “post-Hegelian multi-dimensional matrix” very much makes sense in the kinds of things I’ve been pondering in regards to the Mark of the Beast, and how that final evolutionary “apotheosis” offered to humanity might involve some kind of technologically-empowered interdimensional false reality. Becoming “gods”, inside of some insanely huge quantum computer, or something along those lines… I kind of suspect that this is what all the decades of sci/fi space propaganda and NASA nonsense has all been intended to produce, an inner yearning to “sail among the stars” in some massive imaginary Star Trekkish universe. Even if NASA gets exposed for the total fraud that it is, then I still think humanity will long to have that gnostic dream fulfilled, and the Beast of course will be all too happy to oblige them….

          many thanks, once again.

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