New Video: “The Cult of Pythagoras”…

In this video I explore how both Darwinian Evolution, and the Copernican heliocentric model, originated not from the application of the modern scientific method but instead from the ancient Mystery School traditions and pagan mysticism, specifically as evidenced through the figure of Pythagoras himself. In essence, heliocentric cosmology is an ancient satanic counterfeit to the true, Biblical, flat/enclosed Earth (just as Evolution is a Satanic counterfeit to God’s act of Creation…)

This made from the content of my previous post “Evolution needs Revolution”

2 thoughts on “New Video: “The Cult of Pythagoras”…”

  1. Great video, just what I was looking for. If you go to they have a number of articles in which they are against the flat earth – it’s a shame. But what is interesting they don’t mention science in them trying to debunked the flat earth – I wonder why?

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words. I completely understand your bafflement at the kinds responses I keep hearing coming people, especially Christians, who are so offended by these kinds of questions.

      Even when the globe-Earth defenders attempt to use science, it’s an amazingly narrow collection of alleged “proofs”, which are never as powerful or irrefutable as they typically assume.

      From my perspective, it really does just feel no different than the kinds of psychological responses I’ve received for years from people reacting in a refusal to believe in anything “conspiratorial”. Above any inspection of the actual data, is the unwillingness to accept the possibility that a Deception could ever be pulled off with such a magnitude. Ironic, indeed, when we stop and think about how Biblical Creationists have essentially been calling Evolution itself to be just such a type of Deception and “conspiracy”. (that’s why Evolutionists believe Creationists are “crazy” and “unscientific”, after all, because they dare to question the unquestionable authority of the scientific establishment…) A bit schizophrenic if you ask me…. 😉

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