Show Me the Curve?


So many say “they see the curvature” of the round ball Earth and that “settles it” for them.

I simply ask on the flattest places on Earth, where hundreds and even thousands of miles show only a few feet of elevation change. Where is the curve.

The math is simple. There must be curvature on a round ball. There must, yet …

Take the test. Estimate at what length of miles can you see in these two pictures and then do the simple spherical math of MILES X MILES X 8 inches to see how much earth curvature must be on a round ball earth, or use the chart below.

We should at least see SOME curvature on the left and right sides, if Earth were truly a globe.

flat earth

Measuring the (Non) Curvature of the Earth; Basic Spherical Geometry

IF the earth is a globe, and is 25,000 English statute miles…

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