Chris Deconstructs the Dawkinites (Video)

Jay's Analysis

Chris of Hoaxbusters Call provides an excellent example of how irrational and illogical the Dawkinites truly are. Having had this same debate hundreds of times, the ever-present pattern of ad hominems and countless other instances of informal fallacies are standard.  After a few enlightening conversations with the Afternoon Commute I decided Chris’ call to “Atheist Experience” was worth posting.  Chris’ deconstruction of their replies is top notch.  Their masters at the Royal Society even reveal to them their “science” is state propaganda.  -Jay
…that we put in our Science provided toaster ovens and pray for Darwin’s visage to appear.

Unedited Call: Atheist Experience #933
There weren’t any “A/V synch issues” during the live call or after when I pulled the original from their Youtube channel, just saying.

List of fallacies A fallacy is an incorrect argument in logic and rhetoric which undermines an argument’s logical validity…

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