Jewish Mysticism Spoke of Aliens, (and a universe full of distant worlds), a long time ago…

This really floors me. Half because of how all of these vectors just all keep coming together more and more, and half because it continues to amaze me how some people STILL can’t see what’s right in front of their faces when it comes to the Occult origins of not only “aliens” but the entire Copernican universe itself, complete with “thousands of worlds” etc. How do you point to something as a demonically-inspired source of false teaching for one thing (aliens), and then turn around and try to apply it as reliable in terms of what it says about humanity achieving “space travel” in the Last Days etc.? I really don’t think this kind of two-sided reasoning is intentional here, but it’s really starting to defy my ability to comprehend.

Maybe in the end, being wary of the idea of Alien Deception is itself enough, and the true cosmology of the Earth is irrelevant. I don’t know… I’ve been wrestling with this very question a good deal lately. Maybe it is turning into a “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin” kind of argument at some point. I am open to that possibility, but at the same time, I can’t help but feel that there IS something quite substantive to not only identifying the alien deception stuff, but the degree to which the Enemy has deceived mankind about the very straight forward question of the nature of the Cosmos itself.

3 thoughts on “Jewish Mysticism Spoke of Aliens, (and a universe full of distant worlds), a long time ago…”

  1. This (lengthy) analysis by Christine from Hummingbird027 provides wonderful insight into the history, current manifestation and expected future fulfillment of the so called ‘alien deception’ and why the earth’s cosmology matters.

    Knowing there is no physical outer space or ‘out there’ but rather bound/veiled spiritual dimensions soon to opened up is crucial to not being deceived and lead into yet another thesis-antithesis-synthesis mental construct. (1.26 onward for the main argument).

    The video is the latest edition of her ‘Snatched away from the lie’ series explaining the history, manifestation and future relevance of the ‘flat/convex/lens shaped earth debate’, currently dividing the truth community and remnant church.

    The research links, as well as Christine’s power point presentation on the topic (great for distribution) is found here as well.

    Power point on the earth’s cosmology and HB027 main page:

    Sabine Vlaming

    1. Thanks for sharing such a lengthy resource (four hours!)

      I do of course very much agree that this IS an important issue, and very worthy of our exploration, and that it does absolutely factor into the Great Deception (aliens and all…) I suppose at this point I am just still wrestling to really boil down a solid way of explaining to other people WHY this is so, especially people such as Gonz for example (the guy who makes the Face like the Sun videos, which are pretty great) who for years now has been exposing the alien deception stuff, and yet so far seems pretty uninterested in examining the Flat Earth with any diligence. Maybe that’s why I keep coming back to him, because it serves as a very interesting “case study” I suppose, in exploring the question of whether someone who believes in “outer space” could somehow still be deceived by the alien thing, even if they totally knew all about Von Braun and Parsons and UFO’s and far more alien deception stuff than I do.

      K, ten minutes into the video so far, and very intriguing already. Didn’t know Von Braun spoke about the progression of: Russians, Terrorists, Crazed third-world dictators, (all three already in play) then asteroids, then aliens…

      might we see the asteroid phase kicked into gear later this month? I guess we’ll see…

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