Is it Sepper yet?

Girl, Hand me My Sandwich Board

So I don’t know if you noticed or not, but it’s September.

Lotta eyes on this month, and the further in we get, the more I get cold feet.

Not that the signs have slowed down.  Indeed, the world around us continues to be priming us in that awkwardly obvious way, in various sectors of society.  Some of us are still awakened in the night with a message of sudden deliverance, some of us haven’t sensed anything at all, while others are spurred on by the testimony of others.  And being in the month that I’ve been anticipating all year has prompted me to step back and wonder “what does it all mean?”

But the Lord is faithful to remind me to stay vigilant no matter what, not because something is absolutely scheduled to happen, but because it’s the way we should be anyway.  We are absolutely in the literal last days…

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9 thoughts on “Is it Sepper yet?”

      1. Exactly. Pretty bizarre, don’t you think? Make me want to go get me a quesadilla!! LOL!
        Round Saturns Eye did a pretty good analysis of it.

    1. Yeah, I’ve seen it. (I’ve also seen a whole video dissecting the entire album by Green Day, who wrote that song like ten or more years ago, pointing out “September symbolism” all over the cover art, etc…)

  1. Pulpit-pounding begins on a Sunday,
    It’s a “no-fun-for-you” type of one-day,
    So let judgement descend
    Sometime this weekend:
    I won’t have to clock in for more Mondays!
    (But seriously, I like this blog. It helps me to keep focus.)

    1. Armageddon’s a comin’ they’re sayin,
      should I ignore it, or start prayin..?
      Your comment has style,
      it sure made me smile,
      in the midst of this madness we’re weighing…

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