New Video: “GEMIN-EYE”…

4 thoughts on “New Video: “GEMIN-EYE”…”

  1. Towards the very end as the spacecraft appears to rotate we see the earth through the window spinning and the horizon changes shape constantly from curved earth to curve darkness… Evidence the window was domed.

  2. Thanks for posting. When I look at it now it’s like a joke, now I can so see through this entire deception, this entire propaganda to hide God from us and make us believe in some little green aliens and Big Bang theory… Please! So sad. We need to keep spreading the word.

    1. Crazy how it all fits together, isn’t it?

      What floors me now is how there are so many Christians out there who are aware of the NWO, aware of alien deception, aware that NASA is lying, etc., but STILL can’t bring themselves to question the entirety of the globe itself. There are major psychological hurdles for people to overcome, for sure…

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