Flat Earth Universe, Parts 1 & 2…

Youtuber “my perspective” is one of my favorites right now. I suppose it has a lot to do with the fact that I too am very visually and perspective oriented, having spent so much time learning about such things in art classes etc. myself, but he does a really great job.

One thing he brings up in these videos, which I actually hadn’t heard before, and I do find very intriguing, is the idea that the stars too are on a flat plane, similar to the sun/moon, and not being “projected” (or appearing projected, at least) onto the dome/Firmament itself. This makes actually makes a lot of sense for several reasons, one of which being the fact that the more footage you watch of balloons, rockets, “space walks” etc., the more you will begin to notice that in none of these films/videos will you see the stars from “earth orbit”, or even, it seems, from very high altitude. At a certain point, it’s as if you simply can’t see them anymore, and I have found this to be very curious indeed.

Another REALLY cool point he makes is about how the Milky Way galaxy is able to be seen all throughout the year (as well as the rest of the constellations, etc.) which is impossible, if we are orbiting around the sun, and so the night sky one part of the year would be looking out at a totally direction part of the universe than it would be six months later, and/or, the Earth would be completely flipped in orientation to the sun in terms of day/night. I have heard people try to explain how in reality a “solar day” is not a full 360 rotation, keeping the Earth daytime always facing the sun, and so eliminating the flipping of day/night after six months, BUT, this still could not account for the night sky view being 180 degrees different every six months. You can’t have it both ways. Either the day/night would flip every six months, or the view of the galaxy at night would flip every six months, (in a Copernican model) but yet, we observe neither. This is only possible if the Earth is in fact, fixed…

Lastly, he also mentions in the second video the idea that Gravity is indeed the “satanic G” of Freemasonry, which I recently wrote about myself, and how gravity is itself a very central concept of Evolutionary theory itself. Anyhow, enjoy!

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