Just Cuz I Know You All Can’t Get Enough of the FE…

That title was sarcasm, by the way. I think I have officially frightened away the vast majority of my original followers at this point. And yet, I keep writing and making videos about Flat Earth. What’s wrong with me. Have they truly “Opped” my “Psy”? Have I lost grip with reality, or has society as a whole actually been brainwashed on a level that is almost too much to even fathom? I confess, this does feel like it’s burning me out a bit at times, and I feel like I just want to move on, and go back to just writing about non-existent terrorists and other “fun” topics, but this thing just refuses to go away. In fact, it only gets stronger as it goes…

Here’s a little tidbit that was just inserted into my beleaguered consciousness recently, hopefully you find it as mind-bending as I did…

Question: Why does a lunar eclipse last for such a brief period of time (little over an hour for the whole obstruction)? Shouldn’t it in fact last over the course of a whole day, or even longer, if in fact the moon is orbiting around the Earth approximately once every 28 days? The speed of the moon’s slow orbit should mean that the eclipse would be a slow, gradual process, (as gradual as the movement of the moon itself around the Earth.) Yes? No? Maybe? I dunno….

I am very tired at the moment…


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