Jesus Loves the Little Green Children…(!?)

This is just, yeah… One of the weirdest things I’ve encountered in some time! Getting harder and harder to deny that they do indeed appear to be prepping society to embrace the existence of “extra-terrestrials”….

here’s the actual UNICEF video:


9 thoughts on “Jesus Loves the Little Green Children…(!?)”

  1. Actually your point make me think back to something in particular. This is a very long comment, so brace yourself…
    A long time ago – around 1997 or 98 – I read a fascinating book called ‘The Stargate Conspiracy’, written by two very good English authors named Clive Prince and Lynn Pinkett. The book was basically a comprehensive exposure/debunking of most of the collective ‘New Age’ movement in terms of its literature. The two authors were originally fans of the whole ‘Space Gods’, Cosmic Religion genre, etc; but they began to be troubled by some of the undertones of what ‘New Age’ authors were beginning to publish in very popular books – people like Graham Hancock and Robert Bauvaul and James Hurtak and books like ‘The Keys of Enoch’, ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’, etc.
    They came to the conclusion that all of these authors – who it turns out are all interconnected with each other and belonged to the same ‘clubs’ and societies – were publishing these highly successful books in a kind of coordinated plan over many years, as part of the creation of a new religion that would eclipse Christianity, Islam and others in the new century, and were all based on the ancient space-gods and the ‘return’ of the aliens. The book also exposed – through superb research – all the CIA connections with this movement, various intelligence agency involvement, etc, and the connections with Nazism and various other things. Various highly influential shapers of popular thought were all involved in this movement, including politicians, scientists, occultists and writers.
    The key revelation of the research was that some of these people were in touch with – or believed themselves to be in touch with – nine discarnate ET intelligences who spoke to them in trance/ESP like sessions; and who were taken to be the ‘gods’ of creation who were returning to the Earth, etc. Even Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was one of the people invited to participate in these ‘contact’ sessions; but Roddenberry was so unimpressed with what he experienced that he left and asked to never be contacted by the group again.
    The essence of it, however, was that a new world religion was being carefully crafted over an agreed time-period, and all these authors, filmmakers and shapers of thought were being used to ‘prepare the masses’ for acceptance of the returning ‘space gods’.
    But a necessary part of this agenda was that the existing, dominant world religions would have to be pushed aside first; and it was seen that Christianity in the West was already in decline and would be put further in decline over the coming decades as far as popular culture/perception was concerned. Therefore the biggest obstacle, according to the authors, was Islam: because Islam was such a large, widespread religion and its followers were generally – at this time – much more devoted/engaged in their religion than most Christians in the West (especially Europe) were. Something therefore had to be done to ‘bring down’ Islam; the authors wrote this in 1998, three years before 9/11 and the War on Terror – but they basically said that there was going to be an imminent propaganda campaign on a vast scale against the world’s Muslim population within the next few years, because Islam, like Christianity, needed to be put into decline.
    With hindsight, this book was very prophetic and it makes me wonder. The authors were athiests and had no vested interest in Christianity or Islam, but were simply unhappy that all of these supposedly independent/academic authors publishing best-selling books were in fact involved with intelligence agencies and secret occult groups and were clearly forwarding an agenda.
    It really is a fascinating book, if you manage to get your hands on a copy.

      1. Wow, I rambled so madly that you had to to upgrade your response to audio format! What an achievement! 🙂

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