Christian Identity and the Flat Earth

Christian Identity Church

Christian Identity and The Flat Earth


by Richlion

The news of the flat earth has really been making the rounds on the internet with 10s of thousands and even 100s of thousands of views on YouTube flat earth videos. This has caught the attention of the owner of the biggest Christian Identity website ( ) William Finck.

First, if you haven’t heard about the flat earth argument, I highly recommend that you do a search on YouTube for: “flat earth Eric Dubay” or “flat earth clues.” Watch the videos you’ll understand more about what this article is about. Eric Dubay and Mark Sargent are the two people that William Finck talks about.

Hopefully you have watched two videos in your search for flat earth; let’s continue with what Finck said about it. You can find the full audio (from which this article is taken) at this link:


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