Occam’s Razor: Could the stars be angels?

Girl, Hand me My Sandwich Board

If you study the Word, you probably know a few of the common allegorical terms used in Bible prophecy, such as “weeks” referring to clusters of time seven years long, the “bride” and “bridegroom” being the Church and Jesus Christ, and “stars” meaning angels (Revelation 1:20).  But what if God is referring to angels as “the stars” because they are, literally, THE STARS?

Consider how many matters this theory satisfies:

First, it’s feasible.  God has a lotta angels.  They each have jobs.  Only a few are designated humanoid messengers.  Some are beasts, some have wings, some don’t, some are among us, and others never leave the throne room of God.  Some which we know from scripture are immobile, described as having not moved from their posts, indefinitely, for thousands of years. (Genesis 3:24, Revelation 9:15).  It is reasonable then, that the stars would be the same, even going as far…

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