So….. It’s the 24th of September. Does that mean the End of the World has been cancelled? :-)

Do we now get to go back to just watching football and planning our Christmas vacations?

Can we finally laugh away all those crazy “conspiracists” and their Doomsday predictions?

Does this mean that Jonathan Cahn will finally just go away? 😉

I guess probably not, since the “Final Blood Moon” isn’t due till Sunday, and even then if there isn’t any apocalyptic craziness by then, I’m sure it will be explained away by the fact that the “Blood moons” are only “harbingers” of significant event within a general time frame.

Obviously, I don’t think much of any of the uneventful events lately, since I didn’t really expect the Pope to be declaring the new One-World Religion when speaking to Congress, or E.T.’s to land on the White House lawn or anything, but at the same time, I also don’t think anything has changed, in the long run, and that’s the main point.

Jade Helm supposedly “ending”, without any major incidents or declarations of Martial Law, isn’t a “win”, because all it really signifies overall is more normalization of massive military activity on domestic soil. If the military really DOES move towards imposing dictatorial control over the populace, then the odds now are more likely that most people wouldn’t bat an eye. It’s just another “conspiracy nut freakout”, they’ll say.

Maybe September 23rd WAS an event, in that it was a “non-event”, a hyped-up hysteria, (perhaps perpetrated by “Them”..?) in order to just test how much of a frenzy they could whip up via the net…(maybe?) Maybe it was actually a “Psychological False Flag”, or psy-op dry run, or, who knows… Maybe it’s just yet another exercise in building up “Doomsday frenzy”, in order to lull people even further to sleep after yet another Y2K or 2012 type thing has come and gone without the sky falling on us all, cynicism and pride being the prevailing attitudes, after many people feel silly for having gotten so worked up over nothing…

Then again, maybe they just pushed the Apocalypse back till next Tuesday. (I hear major cataclysms are more destructive and incite more mass panic when they happen on a Tuesday…)

9 thoughts on “So….. It’s the 24th of September. Does that mean the End of the World has been cancelled? :-)”

  1. It is always possible that the end of the world happened without us and we got left behind. Or perhaps we have all been raptured and have no idea that we’re actually part of a new kingdom now . Or, we could still be in for a dreadful shaking come Monday when the stock market opens.

    Regardless, we are all supposed to be rejoicing. 😉

  2. I think the economic collapse is coming, their trying to hide it. War with banks not tanks !

    1. Indeed, I don’t really see how anyone with even half a brain couldn’t see such an inevitability, even without any kind of “conspiratorial” bent. The crash of 2008 came due to the housing bubble and “toxic assets” etc., and yet right now, we are looking at more bubbles, bigger bubbles, over-inflated everything, stocks, bonds, etc., etc… It’s ALL being artificially propped up, all being kept afloat, until they decide to finally stop pumping the balloon full of empty, hot air….

      1. You’d be surprised. The UK media for sure has people brain washed. People just think I crazy cos Cameron says the economy is do well!

        1. Yeah, well… That will always be reality, right up till it all implodes, because it’s what people want to believe, that’s it’s not entirely manipulated in contrived. On this side of the pond, people still line up to hear the latest announcement from the “Head of the Fed”, as though they were really some kind of public servant or something, and not the chair of a totally private banking entity… Ignorance is bliss I guess.

          1. It odd here everyone says ” it’s corrupt but their all the same so what’s the point”. Although the moment is growing! The government are changing the law left right and centre people get angry but seem to accept it. The media feed blatant lies and the majority know it, everyone seems to expect it but I think the except another 2008! I tell people but I get ” that’s mad how do the get away with that, na it’ll be fine” as you say ignorance is bliss. Save your self and those you care for 🙂

  3. I think the beast system can’t afford ANY suspicion b/c of the sheer amount of bullshishery they need to pull off. I was amazed to see how this 9/23/end times movement really took off in the last few months, and it was almost like “whoooaa slow down…” like watching punk rock go mainstream. I thought I wanted it to catch on until I saw it happen. It attracted more of a crowd than a following. And I think the illuminati purposely put us at the fore like, “what do you guys think, are they onto something?” and then at the same time they stepped back. I find that I don’t much care about looking stupid, but I’m totally over the delays.

    1. For sure. The whole thing just really looks so contrived (but of course, hindsight is 20/20…) I had my days where I got caught up, but then also I think a LOT of people went way overboard, looking for bizarre 9-2-3 gematria stuff in like everywhere they looked. I don’t put much stake in those kinds of “numerological” connections, cuz honestly I think people could find “coded” things for virtually any date, or set of numbers, if enough people are looking for them. Instead I do think the next “big event” is just gonna come out of the blue, like all the other ones pretty much have.

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