Hovind vs. Hovind on the Flat Earth…

Another video, made I have…

3 thoughts on “Hovind vs. Hovind on the Flat Earth…”

    1. I sincerely hope so, but honestly I’m not holding my breath. In researching for my recent post on the Great Flood and the FE, I saw that he did a recent article on 2peter3.com about how he still upholds the “canopy theory”, which made me stop and reflect on how so much of his Creation material is very much invested in the reality of the Globe. It would require a HUGE turn-around for him, more than I originally realized…

      Nothing’s impossible though of course. We have seen him change course on things like the pre-Trib rapture, which is encouraging, but I think after hearing some of the statements he’s now made about the FE being “dumb” and how you’d have to be an idiot to fall for it, etc., sigh… That does seem to make it more difficult for him to stop and take a closer look. He’s got a lot of humble pie sitting in front of him on the table at this point…

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