Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger still alive?

If anybody hasn’t taken a look at this whole thing yet, then you’re missing a fun one. I think what’s weirdest to me at this point is how UNsurprised I was to learn about this. It only fits right into everything else we know about “space lies”… 😉


4 thoughts on “Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger still alive?”

  1. Whoa, that’s crazy. The mind boggles. The likenesses do seem to match up. What a mad world.
    I remember the Challenger disaster vividly. I was about seven years old and was watching the launch on British TV with my mother. The explosion is one of the earliest, most vivid memories of my childhood.

    1. really? wow, you’re only a couple years younger than I am. (no wonder you like 90’s music so much..) I remember seeing the whole thing unfold live on tv at school. Practically every classroom in America was tuned in live for the event, and had it “seared into our collective memories”… (almost as if that was the intention? hmmmmmmm) 😉

  2. Reading the intro I was like: gimme gimme gimme
    Reading #1 like: 😮
    Reading “there is no Carl McNair brother of Ronald McNair”: *gets up and looks this way and that out the window*

    I’m afraid for this person!! I’m afraid for him even more that I’m gonna put this on my blog b/c I can’t help it.

    The next false- flag-smelling thing that happens, I’m gonna screen shot everything DAY OF, wait and then post a blog like, “they did it again, folks. Here’s the proof”

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