“Just Let It In…?”

“The Force… It’s calling to you. Just let it in…”

When I heard the last two lines of the new Star Wars trailer, I just thought, “Wow… It’s all coming together.”

And yes, I will admit that to write this post, it takes a considerable amount of effort to squelch my inner fan boy, and not gush over how cool the new movie actually looks, or how bad a** it is to see Harrison Ford resuming the mantle of Han Solo, or how basically just watching that trailer was itself more satisfying than any of the prequels in their entirety… (oops, okay, no FURTHER gushing, beyond that.)

But in all seriousness, from what small plot points can be gleaned from the trailers, it really does seem to me that the message of Mysticism inherent in the entire SW franchise is really taking center stage in this final trilogy.

From what I can surmise, it appears as though our beloved “galaxy far, far away” is once again being threatened by totalitarian forces with Empirical aspirations, led once again by some black-clad Sith lord, wearing a mask, with a scary voice…(not exactly what you’d call originality there, but hey) It seems that one of the main characters is a stormtrooper (redesigned for the umpteenth time) who apparently abandons his post and joins up with what looks like the same 70’s-color-schemed (yay!) Rebel forces.

Then, good ol’ Han is explaining to the young Rebels that, “It’s true. All of it… The Dark Side. The Jedi. They’re real…”

Sounds like the GFFA has mostly forgotten about the magic and mystery of the Force-wielding Jedi, and in this movie, we get to watch them rediscover it. (Okay, I realize that this isn’t some genius-level investigation on my part, since the title of the movie IS “the Force Awakens”, after all…)

But all you need to do to get the case in point here, is apply this to our time, our own galaxy. It is all, of course, propaganda of the purest sort, playing upon the nostalgia of Gen-xers like myself, and the now Star-Wars-saturated-generation of my children as well.

Carl Teichrib refers to this phenomena as the “Era of Re-enchantment”, the amazing fact that indeed today we are observing our popular culture continue to veer away from the meaninglessness of Post-Modernism, (which itself was a reaction against the raw materialistic void of Modernism…) and is now in the middle of coming full circle, returning BACK to the mysticism and paganism of bygone centuries, mixed in with our modern technology of course.

And this is precisely what Star Wars always has, and continues to, embody 100%. Ancient mysticism, set in a high-tech world. It is about synthesizing what for a long time was perceived to be two fairly non-symbiotic elements, bridging that gap that had for a long time held strong in the realm of fiction, between pure “Science Fiction” with it’s robots and warp drives and aliens, and “Fantasy” with it’s magical wizards and powerful swords and endless connotations towards ancient Mythology.

So, sigh… As much as the inner 7-year-old in me just wants to revel in the rebooted Wookie howls, and light saber clashes, and the goose bumps I actually did get when in the new trailer, the orchestra started to play “bum buuum, buuum, bum ba buuuum, buuuuuuum….”, I have to steel myself, and step back, and remember the very LYING message that is still being trumpeted here, and probably more so than ever before.

Yes, “the Force IS calling to us”, more and more all the time. That “Force”, however, is not the power that comes through the Holy Spirit. It is not the Force which can raise the Dead, or heal the sick, or set men free from the bondage of their own sin. It is a lying Force. It is the same power once wielded by the magicians of Pharaoh’s court, and the girl in the Book of Acts who told fortunes, before the demons in her were cast out…

It is the “Force” which I really do believe the Devil is trying to entice the entire world into desiring, as a part of the final Great Deception, which somehow will all be tied into the Mark of the Beast system and the coming One World Religion and everything else. Ancient Occult magic meets modern technology indeed…

It is only going to keep “calling to us”, more and more and time progresses, but friends, we most certainly, unequivocally, do NOT want to “just let it in”…

12 thoughts on ““Just Let It In…?””

    1. Yeah, I probably will too… (I’ll just have to keep reminding myself that it’s for “research purposes”, and not to get too excited when the Millenium Falcon hits light speed again…) 😉

  1. Let it in! Stop resisting, friend – let it in. Trust me, everything will be alright if you just let it in. We expelled George Lucas and his cautionary tale about false-flag terrorism and the subverting of democracy for the sake of Empire-by-stealth: now it’s all NEW Star Wars – let it in!

    1. Ha! You crack me up friend. Of course, you have to know that the child in me, (who grew up running through the woods playing “speederbikes” and climbing trees to play “Ewok village”…), is of course quite excited about the new Lucas-free films… 😉 (from a purely cinematographic point of view, of course)

      However, there is also the “adult” side of me (if I dare use that term to describe myself), who eventually started to grow up, and realize that there were many things in this world that are far more sinister, and deceptive, than he had ever thought possible. He watched towers inexplicably crumble to dust, and gradually came to understand the prevalence of “false-flaggyness” in world politics, etc. He began to realize too that there was a very dark spiritual reality propelling it all, a reality that for the most part we do not see…

      And THAT, is what I have to warn against, to “not let it in”, because as fun as seeing clashing lightsabers can be, the underlying spiritual message of ALL these films is undeniable, and it is in fact the very SAME spiritual belief system held by those nefarious “powers that shouldn’t be”. And that is the whole point…

      George Lucas didn’t just dream up the idea of the “Force”. He merely took an age-old Occult concept and inserted it into a very compelling sci-fi/fantasy universe. I’m sure you’ve heard of things like the “Vril Society”? Theosophy? etc.?

      Well, they were actually BELIEVING in these things, (and communicating with entities who taught them) long before the first sci fi film was ever made. (I know we already talked about this a little, but I’m on a roll here I guess!)

      But think about it… Sure, Lucas has been “removed”. But now the Star Wars franchise has moved over to where? Disney….??? Well, that certainly couldn’t be an arm of the Illuminati-propaganda-machine, now could it? 😉

      Let the irony of it all sink in, just for a second… These movies ARE being made by the REAL “Empire”! And if we can’t accept that, at least as a strong enough possibility to make us stop and question “What messages are they really trying to embed in these most-popular-of-all-time sci fi flicks anyway? And whyy?”, then hey, maybe we’d be better off just walking away from all this “conspiracy nonsense” altogether, and just do our best to convince ourselves that it was all just in our heads, and that those “murderous Elites” wouldn’t DARE manipulate something as sacred as our beloved childhood memories of X-wings and tauntauns… ;-)!

      1. Wow, what an epic rant! I love hearing it though 🙂
        I genuinely don’t believe Uncle George had any ill, cynical or occultist agenda; I believe he was essentially coming from a good place. Now that it’s gone over to Disney, however, it may be a completely different matter and more in-line with what you’re saying.
        But you’ve got to appreciate that Uncle George basically laid out the entire new world order business in the prequel trilogy in the most overt and clear way possible.

        1. “But you’ve got to appreciate that Uncle George basically laid out the entire new world order business in the prequel trilogy in the most overt and clear way possible.”

          Yes, I would agree… BUT, not in the way you would assume… 🙂

          The “new world order business” being allegorically depicted in the prequels is a fairly decent portrayal of the current “powers that shouldn’t be”, the “Dark Side”, the Satanic Elite, etc.

          And yes, I would agree that in all likelihood, “Uncle George” almost certainly doesn’t have any overt “ill will” or cynical “evil intentions”, as it were. And that is really the whole point. The point of almost everything I write pertaining to the spiritual side of all these things. Because “Uncle George” is ultimately just deceived himself, and actually IS very much bought into the same Occult mythology, ONLY… he believes (like so many others, such as David Wilcocke, David Icke, etc.) that we simply turn to the “good side”, the “Light” side, the “Right-hand path”, as it were…

          This whole “right hand / left hand path” idea is another one of these ancient Hegelian concepts (lies…) which goes WAY back into history. It is the false dichotomy of “white magic” vs. “black magic”. The problem is, that according to the Bible, there IS no “white magic”, because it is ALL Occult, and ALL coming from the Fallen One, Satan….

          That is the whole MESSAGE of the “Force” in Star Wars, is it not? The “Good Side” vs. the “Dark side”…? This is such an ancient concept! Such an ancient lie…

          And it does appear that even before Lucas had fully decided to incorporate the “Force” concept into his Star Wars universe, he was already playing upon some VERY Occult concepts in terms of the “Apollo mythology”, or Lucifer’s version of the messiah. The “sun god”, etc. check out this quote from “Journal of the Whills”, which Lucas penned back in the 70’s I believe, it says:

          “… And in the time of greatest
          despair there shall come a savior,
          and he shall be known as:
          THE SON OF THE SUNS.”
          Journal of the Whills, 3:127

          “Skywalker” is actually very interwoven with many Mystery School allusions to the Sky/Sun God, “Apollo”, who is an ancient mythological rendering of Lucifer….

          In short, he represents the anti-Christ!

          And this very much fits into what I see as being how things are/will be unfolding when in comes to the New World Order… I see those currently identified as the “Evil Satanic Elite” eventually being ousted by the “Light workers”, the New Age “Truth Movement” if you will, and the world will rejoice, and embrace this new era of “Love and Light”, and actually embrace a one-world system, because they will wholeheartedly believe that it is the “good side” which prevailed.

          This is why the Bible calls it “The Great Deception”….

          1. Man, I’d so love to sit down for a drink with you some day and just talk for a few hours 🙂
            I appreciate where you’re coming from; I’m not 100 percent sure how much I agree. But admittedly, it might be my eternal fan-boy that makes it difficult for me to fully forsake my love affair with Star Wars.

            1. (hey, if I ever make it over to the UK, that is exactly what we’ll do. You can show me some good pubs and we’ll freak some people out with our choice of conversational topics….)

          2. And actually, all of that said, Star Wars seems far less ‘bad’ in this respect than things like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twiglight, etc.

            1. Hey… Please do know that I’m not telling anyone to go out and enjoy the films for their entertainment value, I’m just saying, know the symbolism and the message that is embedded in what you’re watching! 😉

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