Are You “Warring Against Science”…???

(okay, so I guess I’m not taking a break from blogging just yet…) I heard this on the latest episode of Revelations Radio News, and just HAD to share it, cuz, man…

I almost fell over laughing.

Anybody else noticing how the video very much seems to include a thinly-veiled rebuke of the “Flat Earth Movement”…? Isn’t it amazing that such a thing would even be getting any mention at all in something like this, if it really was just some tiny “fringe thing”…? Of course, it also takes a heavy swing at the “anti-Vaccination” camp, “Climate Change deniers”, and other such backwards-thinking, non-scientific notions that are obviously plaguing our society, and driving us all to the same unenviable end as the crumbling Roman Empire…

This is just such a great example of how sometimes the propaganda gets so heavy in it’s shaming tactics that it only serves to show how desperate and panicky the official side is seemingly becoming.

Dang… It really only makes me think that they are going to HAVE to just shut down free speech on the internet, very soon….

(*note – I also had no idea that National Geographic did an issue on this very thing until I was looking for a “headline image” for this post. Do you see the sub-headings on the cover? I’m “five for five” here! They are in full-on “damage control mode” for sure…)


4 thoughts on “Are You “Warring Against Science”…???”

  1. Funny. I was musing on how to respond to your last post. And I came to the conclusion that I would predict that you would press-on beyond, through, in-to wherever God leads. You are a fighter! That is clear by the sharpness of the pen you wield and you can’t help but war against the dark spirit of this age. And then you posted the War On Science. Very fitting and confirming from my end. God’s Word is the final frontier, infinite, multidimensional, broad and deep, soothing the soul and quenching, yet a quarry for you and I and all whosoever calls on His name, to dig, discover, discern. I suspect we’ve barely scratched the surface of what He has stored there for us to discover. That is beyond me and where I feel led to journey. All the revealing He’s done through those that see, like you and me and countless others who call on His name — that was only one dimension of the infi-dimensional story He’s unraveling for us. Fight on, my friend. Fight on!

    1. “infi-dimenionsal”!! That’s going straight into my internal lexicon, thanks! Such a good term, and such an encouraging word from you too.

      I very much agree, I think we’re only beginning to scratch the surface…

      “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived, what He has prepared for those who love Him….”

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