“Globes In My Mind”…

A couple months ago I wrote a post called “It Would Take a Lot of BALLS to Indoctrinate Everyone Like That”, and for a while now I’ve been wanting to try and take those thoughts and put them in a video, since it deals with such a visually-oriented idea. Finally got a chance to put it together. Here it is.

7 thoughts on ““Globes In My Mind”…”

    1. Hi Sabine, thanks. I have seen all these sorts of vids on R$E, about how he had his “Daveyboyz” channel, and used to interview celebrities etc., and I did look into all the controversy about him a few months ago when it was really heated. Overall I had a really hard time finding any of the “debunkers” to say anything with much teeth, because I had already known for a long time that R$E had been previously involved in the media/entertainment industry since he does mention it briefly, abeit with no specifics. He did come out and apologize for any confusion, for not disclosing his actual name, etc. but explained that it was because he didn’t want it to be about him, but about Jesus and the Gospel, etc., and for me, that is the real issue, because that’s what I wanted to stop and go back through, to see if he REALLY WAS preaching the true gospel, of Jesus, being God in the flesh, who came to Earth and died for sin, and was raised again, etc. After doing this I have only been able to conclude that this is precisely what he does preach. This is not the doctrines of demons, in my opinion. 😉

      Do I necessarily agree with every thing he says, or every conjecture he makes? no. But I can’t in good conscious call him a heretic, or an “Illuminati shill” or anything, because you have to show more than a bunch of vids he made in the past. Even if there was some “funny business” with the times/dates of which channels were started/ended, I think you still have to discern based on the MESSAGE itself, and not trying to play “Youtube gotch”, which sadly is what I think is motivating the vast majority of such videos which seem to only be scouring for anything upon which they can pounce and do an “EXPOSED!!” video on. Everybody wants to “EXPOSE!!!” something on YT, and it gets kinda out of hand a lot of the time, if you ask me…

      But as for this FE computer patent thing, I’m super intrigued. I actually just subscribed to this guy the other day, but hadn’t got around to watching this yet.

      1. Thanks for your feedback. Considering the military uses this patent, supports its relevance.

        Truth is found in many places. I have watched R$E promoting satanic symbolism, numerology, gnosticism, Kabala, new age doctrine as well as satanic movies (Chronicle) mixed with Bible verses after he purportedly got saved.

        R$E has been reproved Biblically (content and brotherly/sisterly approach) by several well versed and reputable brothers such as Nephtali.

        Consider this video for an extended rebuke by another brother

        This is part 1 of 5.

        As R$E mixes truth with error (leavened bread), spiritually that could be toxic up to lethal.

        We are not to judge his character or intent, merely his fruit.

        Let us pray for him that his eyes will be opened and deception revealed to him and for his message to sanctify and purify. He needs to mature and grow and since he has decide to become a public minister be receptive and responsive to reprove, correction and even rebuke.

        Looking forward to your next post.

        1. Ok, I am almost finished watching part I of “Round Saturn’s Eye Reproved”, and…. I guess all I can say, I wish I had come across this sooner…

          Feeling very heavy in my heart right now, to be completely honest.

          Kind of dismayed by how I was somehow unphased by so many of the bizarre things that R$E teaches, and not recognize them for the Gnostic teachings that they are. I admit that I certainly didn’t watch probably even half of his videos, and I would like to think that if I had seen the specific ones that the guy who made “R$E Reproved” highlights, I would’ve spotted them, but, maybe that’s just me trying to salvage my pride there…

          I do remember hearing R$E mention the “black cube in the temple” thing a little while back, and thinking that was really pretty weird, but I confess I have been so immersed in all this Flat Earth stuff that I never took the time to stop and ask myself where the heck he got such an idea, and what kind of red flag that really should have been…

          I also feel like the bulk of the “reproof” videos about R$E were nowhere near as sound and Biblically-based as the one you provided here, so I must sincerely thank you, and now I think I am going to continue watching the other parts in his series, and afterwards, I very much suspect that I am going to have to remove any material I’ve put out thus far which promotes his channel. And probably write a post confessing my lack of discernment on this whole matter.

          Thank you for being persistent in presenting this information, and in such a gentle way. Just the other day I had a guy on YT calling me nasty names and being so rude when trying to say that R$E was a Gnostic, and honestly it made it very easy to write him off.

          Overall I guess it just makes me really have to stop and wonder if my discernment hasn’t actually been somewhat tarnished by how much I’ve inadvertently exposed myself to false teachings and subtle Gnostic doctrines, in the course of all my own “research”. on things.

          I need to spend some serious time in prayer I guess. Thank you, again…

          1. Dear brother,

            This happens to all of us. Sourcing knowledge is sometimes very difficult, especially when truth is mingled with error in ways of subtle deception. Being receptive and responsive to Biblical correction is difficult especially when facing (spiritual) opposition continuously.

            Your respons is wise. Warning others and maybe even R$E himself to prevent further leavening of the church and truth seeking community through his teachings may be worth considering.

            Ultimately, your ministry will even gain more strength through it as well as your discernment, selective responsiveness and steadfastness.

            Looking forward to your upcoming insights and teachings.


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