Dear Dr. Hovind…

Recently in a video put out by Kent Hovind, he made a rather flippant comment/question posed to “Flat Earther’s”, regarding how ships supposedly disappear over the horizon, hull first, supposedly proving the curvature of the Earth…

I’m sure he will no doubt be flooded with responses, but here is mine.

5 thoughts on “Dear Dr. Hovind…”

  1. Great, thought provoking and activating content and what a wonderful tone especially. I pray he ponders on it and replies. Let us pray to bind the spirits of pride, fear, witchcraft and rebellion not to hinder this message and that normalcy bias doesn’t cause it to bounce of like stony ground.

  2. He may come around. He figured out there isn’t go to be a rapture. Perhaps he’ll come all the way out of Babylon and drop xmas and easter too. “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!”

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