Disproof of Gravity, Scientifically.


Disproof of Gravity

By Aaron Guerami


The standard particle model has yet to find any evidence of Gravity. This is most concerning since gravity is used by most modern equations.

Great particle accelerators have hunted for any signs of gravity. None found!

There are several ways to disprove gravity.

1) Experimentally

One simple experiment shows there is no gravity.

The Helium Balloon. It rises. How is this possible?

Classical Mechanics shows that Force equals the Constant of Gravity multiplied by the Mass of Object 1 multiplied by the Mass of Object 2 divided by the Distance between the two masses raised to the second power.

With this logic, the mass of the Earth is so great that the helium balloon would have no choice but to be attracted to the Earth.

We have mass 1 pulling on mass 2 and mass 2 pulling on mass 1…

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