Gibraltar is WHERE???

Just in case there was anyone out there who hadn’t yet concluded that I had lost me marbles, this might just finally put you over the edge… 😉

(and now I might just go and get wicked drunk…)

4 thoughts on “Gibraltar is WHERE???”

  1. Truth, I was looking at your video on youtube and scolled the comments. A man said he remembers working for JC Penny’s, not JC Penney’s. I just now asked my husband to spell the above. He spelled it Penny’s and so did my daughter. And yes The BerenSTEIN Bears are what I read as a child and what I read (past tense) to my children.

    I don’t know anything about Gibraltar, so cannot comment. It’s fascinating to see some things happening all around. Don’t get drunk though! Stay of ‘sound mind’!

  2. PS. Not sure if my other comment went through…Not sure if this thought has come out on the FE theory, but I was wondering about Ezekiel’s wheels. I have always thought of the universe as a clock. A clock has gears. No matter how thick they are, they are still ‘flat’. I am confident there are layers of understanding. Long time ago, I had a dream that I was walking somewhere, saw all the planets align, then saw dinosaurs and pterodactyls flying, implying that everything had come, ‘full circle’. (Like a knife cutting through layers of a cake…)

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