“Where Were You…” (Job 38)


9 thoughts on ““Where Were You…” (Job 38)”

  1. This is very well done. It’s refreshing, how the imagery and music, take a supportive role to the Word of our glorious Father spoken by one of His creatures.

  2. Absolutely, beautiful! So humbling to listen to this! and to think that
    Job was the first book of the Bible ever written! Praise Yeshua!

  3. Brother Truth, What version of Scripture are you reading from? Great Job, BTW. (Pun intended)

  4. Job 38. How mighty and powerful and much needed.
    I recently came upon the very short letter of Jude, so quietly placed just before Revelation. This Book seems to encompass the many topics you portray through your writings and videos. What a blessing it would be to all if us if you would narrate the Book of Jude on a future video.
    May you be blessed for sharing His Plan with us.

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