Why the new ISS video is FAKE

If anyone can look at this imagery and not see straight away that it’s absolutely fake, for a number of reasons, then I really don’t know what to tell ya! (apparently the atmosphere is yellow here? In other ISS shots, the atmosphere is either blue, or not even visible at night. )

Ojas Shakti

The new footage released by RT showing a Time Lapse of Earth taken by the ISS is FAKE, PURE GARBAGE.
Fake footage URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1gP5…

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11 thoughts on “Why the new ISS video is FAKE”

  1. What’s the brown band above the earth? Smog? Pollution? Global warming?? LOL! More provender for the sheeple to feast upon…

        1. No, I actually haven’t been on FB since around 2010. I don’t even know what a FB page looks like anymore. 😉 Basically my take on FB these days is that it has been a government-fueled data-gathering platform since it’s inception. (not that the entire internet isn’t one too, but hey….)

          1. Yes it is, too bad these devils get their slimy hooks in everything anymore 😡 I deleted my one account and set up another. The walls got replaced by timelines. I’ve been on since 2010. My church family is on there and it’s the one way I can keep in touch with those who have moved or don’t come anymore, so I know God is protecting me. I don’t go on to gender strifes like so many do. Anyway thanks for answering my question.

  2. You might enjoy a YouTube video from the “Smarter Every Day” channel. The “SED” guy, Destin, interviews Astronaut Don Pettit who has claimed to have filmed Earth from ISS. Destin is completely excited to be interviewing him and doesn’t appear to notice how corny and evasive the astronauts answers are when asking simple questions about decompression and emergency plans. Here’s a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSzuiqVjJg4 The video is titled: 7 HOLES in the Space Station – Smarter Every Day 135″ I think you will find it very interesting in light of this post and a recent YouTube video you made about a lack of air lock footage. Enjoy!

    1. Yeah, I’ve seen that one. Cracked me up. I actually thought for several minutes into the video, that the interviewer guy was just playing along, doing some kind of “gotcha journalism” thing, where he was pretending to buy everything being said. But, no! He totally believes it. I found it to be one of the most astounding “unintentional fake space videos”, because he totally highlights the ridiculousness of those amazing O-rings, keeping the astronauts safe from the perils of Space! (and then he even goes and finds the engineer of those space-age O-rings, and the guy didn’t even know they were being used on the ISS…!!) What the heck? If those O-rings can perform so spectacularly, we should be using them here on Earth for every conceivable instance an O-ring is required, since they never wear out, and never succumb to intense temperatures, etc…

      1. Thanks for your reply..it’s a treat! So glad to hear someone else thought the same thing! Yes, astounding is right! Each time I watch it I’m more convinced that that astronaut is scrambling to find answers and doesn’t really answer any…deer in headlights reaction. Especially the part when he doesn’t know the emergency procedures. What? Didn’t he have some gazillion dollar training on emergency procedures in the big pool? He doesn’t know them? The interviewer is so convinced the whole thing is real, he doesn’t even notice the bogus replies…he hears what he wants to and fills in the gaps. I think that since the engineer had no idea about his design that it shows some evidence of the degree of compartmentalization in NASA. Have you seen the Smarter Every Day video on the Mars rover? The part of the rover that is supposed to scoop up Martian soil is called a chimera…with a different acronym but sounds the same. One definition of chimera is “a thing that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve.” HA! Too bad the interviewer doesn’t see through it all, but I was right there less than a year ago. Thanks again for your reply I appreciate it! CAR

        1. Yeah, exactly.. . He goes “well, uh…. then you have a leak!” That’s your military-trained astronaut speaking? I mean, it’s a joke. But that whole clip is just SO revealing. So perfectly embodies the type of “Mr. Rogers-esque happy folks” they always seem to cast as astronauts. I mean, it’s supposed to be all these highly-trained, highly-educated “scientists” on board the ISS, and yet you watch the video feeds, and it’s like watching a bunch of bubbly kindergarten teachers floating around in khakis and NASA polos, who never seem to be able to speak with any specificity about the kinds of “science” they are actually doing with all our billions of tax dollars. Just taking pretty pictures of the auroras and watching the Super Bowl apparently… 😉

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