Who, Me….???

So, once again I have really lapsed with writing on the ol’ blog, but today I hope to try and explain a bit about why that has been the case, and share a little about the curious position I am now finding myself in at the moment.

For several years I was plugging away here on my blog, rather content with my relatively small amount of readers/subscribers, and appreciating the cathartic nature of being able to post about whatever I happened to find intriguing in the moment, all under the screen of my little WordPress pseudonym…

I had gone back and forth for some time, considering the idea of taking a stab at making videos and putting them up on youtube, and aside from a few that I had done on topics like CERN and “Transformational Festivals”, I really didn’t get that involved with until I found myself diving down the “Flat Earth rabbit hole”, and then suddenly I found myself furiously making videos discussing various “Flat Earth proofs”, as well as looking into the Biblical case for a flat, enclosed Cosmology.

When that began, I could count on one hand the number of Youtube subscribers I had on my little channel. Like I said, I have been accustomed to obscurity, and that has really been my preferred vantage point! Yet, as the months have passed, and the “Flat Earth Movement” has continued to expand and get more and more attention, so have my little videos, to the point where now not only does my “exposure” via YT far surpass anything I had previously experienced through blogging, but now it has also reached the stage whereby I am currently sitting on around half a dozen invitations to be interviewed by other Youtube channels/shows, or participate in discussion panels to talk about Flat Earth, Biblical Cosmology, etc.


And frankly, I’m terrified. It’s as though I’m inadvertently pushing the ever-shrinking line between remaining “safe” in my anonymity, and finally stepping across that line, into a realm where suddenly the human being has to step out from behind the internet avatar…

I have prayed about it. Agonized over it. Gone back and forth, again and again, between one day feeling like “Okay, I’m willing…” to then the next day feeling more compelled to simply pull the plug on everything altogether, and just get on with “real life”. I’m not trying to be anything remotely resembling an online “figurehead”. I never was. There are few things I dislike more in this world than the phenomena we often refer to as the “cult of personality”.

But then again… I find myself unable to pull myself away from continuing to explore this topic of the “Biblical Flat Earth”, and all the countless ways that it seems to fit in with all the various topics of Bible Prophecy, End-time Deception, New World Order agendas, and so much more, which I’ve already been navigating my way through over the past six years or so now. It’s almost like everything I’ve been learning up to this point has laid the foundation for now considering them all in this incredible “unified context” of a Cosmological model which I now have to confess appears to have been staring at me from the pages of Scripture the whole time. I mean, seriously, SO many things which I’ve written about over the past few years, whether it be interdimensional portals, or the Book of Enoch, UFO Deception, Genesis 6, the Occult, the Creation vs. Evolution debate, transhumanism, the fake moon landings, ancient megalithic structures, the infamous “Illuminati”, the tower of Babel, CERN, and on and on, now suddenly all “gel” in a way which before I never would’ve imagined…

Anyhow, so, this is my conundrum at the present moment. This is my crossroads that seemingly I can’t find a way around…

Another Christian FE Youtube channel by the name of “Celebrate Truth” recently finished a documentary he’s been working on for some time, called “The Global Lie”, and I was very privileged to be able to contribute several segments of content to the production. I’d have to say that the finished product is really quite superb and I hope everyone reading this is able find the time to watch it, as it really focuses on the connections between the Copernican system/cosmology and the Theory of Evolution (among other things). Several other fantastic researchers such as Rob Skiba are featured in the film, and it was truly an honor to be able to take part in this project. Here’s the full documentary:

18 thoughts on “Who, Me….???”

  1. Thank You for sharing your true feelings. I think your videos along with your articles and represses are great. I have found myself going all over the place lately including talking about the FE from who other than…YOU! I dabble between the anonimity or really starting to expose not only them but yourself. It is a very difficult decision. Whatever you decide I will have your back! Thanks for all your great work!

        1. (are you available during the day on weekdays at all…? I have such a wonky schedule, that has actually been a major obstacle in and of itself. I actually almost took part in a panel discussion on talkshow.com last night, but it fell through. You got my email, let me know what your availability looks like)

                1. Sorry, weekends are really bad for me. Would have to be a weekday sometime. Maybe like the second hour of your show could work… (I’m getting peeps out the door in that first hour)

  2. Go forth boldly before the throne of grace and fear not!

    I too wrestled with anonymity on the internet, so I empathize. I used to be tightly cloaked and disguised, hard to locate. Heck, my FB account and even my cable bill were under a pseudonym. In my case, God really drug me out of the closet and told me to stand up. Of course, I am mostly just a marriage blogger, but you know, just the same, there’s some scary and twisted people out there.

    Hang in there, will you? And I hope we don’t have to meet in Fema camp somewhere, but hey, think of the stories we’ll be able to tell each other. 😉

    1. “Of course, I am mostly just a marriage blogger…” Yeah, and since God basically chose to make marriage the very blueprint for understanding the way He sees and relates to us, well, it goes to show why the wisdom He has endowed you with actually applies to almost any facet of human experience, and pushes the most crucial questions of existence, meaning, Truth, etc… (so, of COURSE you’re going to attract push-back from the scary and twisted out there…) 😉

      When you get to the FEMA camp, just look around the yard until you see the guy using his rations of government-issued jello to paint murals on the wall. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the woman driving her assigned re-education specialists mad by constantly inquiring as to why the FEMA protocols obviously don’t appreciate the unique gifts and perspectives inherently held by both genders. I’ll just randomly scream out “Dalrock is a genius!!”, and when I see your head swing round and your eyes filled with fire, I’ll know I found you.

  3. I also hide behind the avatar, hence my rantings and immature moments. I want to spread the Gospel first, then I believe God will add all these other things to my life, as He promises in Scripture in Matthew 6:33. I’ve been a writer all my life, and I enjoy discovering new things. The Flat Earth concept still has me in awe, and more so whenever I go outside and look up. I am not a dreamer, I am a realist from the standpoint of God’s Word. What He says is what I cling to.

    1. Yeah, it still has me in awe too, and that is perhaps one of the most amazing aspects of it I suppose. Typically, I tend to get kinda “bored” with any given topic after a while, or at least, I have to more or less keep cycling back around, mixing it up with the 37 other topics I’m also interested in. But this FE business has been so different. So captivating…

      1. Yes! Could it be because it’s like a load lifted off our shoulders? The truth does literally set you free! I love it! 🙂

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