Kabbalistic Origins of Modern Astrophysics, Evolution, and Quantum Theory…

I finished this piece yesterday, and already I am quite eager to continue exploring further the implications touched upon in this video. It really fits in to so much of my previous research and speculation, confirming it in certain ways that I honestly never imagined.

This really is pretty huge…

To hear a guy like Michio Kaku blatantly admitting the astonishing correlations between things like String Theory and the Kabbalah? Hard to get more convincing than that.

I created the ‘featured image’ above in order to illustrate just one more interesting correlation between Kabbalah and the vast swath of modern pseudo-scientism which I have noticed. The left side depicts the “Ein sof” of Kabbalah, which basically represents their concept of ten “emanations” (or dimensions, you could say…) and on the right side, a simple diagram representing an early Copernican-era conception of the Solar System.

See any resemblance? 😉

This is but one of several avenues I intend to explore more in upcoming videos and blog posts, because if indeed we CAN trace a direct connection between Kabbalah and guys like Copernicas (in the video above, Kaku mentions that they know that Newton had possession of Kabbalistic texts..) then wow, it really would seem to underscore this idea I’ve been kicking around for many months now, about how the conception of the “planets” as spherical worlds could indeed be another example of an “exoteric, materialistic rendering” of what is originally a mystical/occult concept. (Just like Evolution itself is originally a mystical/occult concept…)


7 thoughts on “Kabbalistic Origins of Modern Astrophysics, Evolution, and Quantum Theory…”

  1. Love your work! Can you email me? I’d love to know more of your Christian background. I am a pastor in training and would love to know your views on the church and Holy Spirit. I have recently attained my M. Div from Regent University and have come to believe in FE for all of two months through a conversation with a quantum physicist… I have so many questions, but I want to synthesize my understanding of scripture with the truth you present.

  2. I have watched so many of your videos, and wanted to tell you how amazing your work is. I know God is speaking through you, and it is mind blowing how deep the deception is. It is setting us up for that one “Great Deception.” Now that my eyes are being opened more and more, like I am sure you do often, I laugh at some of the things they put forth! No photos, all CGI, all made up “stuff.” They are the “Elightened Ones”! And the link to the Ancient Mystery Religions is so clear! But most of all, you continually preach Christ, and how all of these things tie together. If I have questions, how do I communicate? Like for example this whole deal about Planet X, how does this fit in? What are these “bodies” really? God bless you, God has filled you with much wisdom!!!

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