Space is Fake? Shut the Front Door!

I probably should’ve posted this last week when I uploaded the video, but here it is. Spent a LOT of time combing through NASA and other “space” footage for this one. I am honestly so sick of watching “space walks”!


8 thoughts on “Space is Fake? Shut the Front Door!”

  1. Hey brother, just out of interest, I’m curious to know what you make of the whole weird ‘sounds from space’ business? You know, all the people who’ve heard or recorded strange, ominous sounds in the sky, as well supposedly the Apollo 10 astronauts having recorded weird ‘musical’ sounds on the moon? Do you have a view on what that might be – and, if so, how would it relate to your broader views on space?

    1. Yeah, that “Apollo 10 Space Music” thing is pretty wild eh? I don’t know that I have a specific theory on it at this point, but… I do think it’s extremely note-worthy that suddenly NASA is deciding to release such material, don’t you? I mean, if nothing else, it really lends itself so much to all kinds extra-terrestrial speculations, which NASA seems to love to feed. (which is a whole topic in itself…) I mean, I dunno. On the one hand, such “music” is something that could’ve first of all been quite easily faked. So we can’t even say for sure that it was a real thing. Plus, the fact that it occurred on the “dark side” of the moon, would mean A) it wasn’t being received from Earth (if the Earth was actually a globe, and space was real…) because the moon would be blocking the signal, and B) it couldn’t have been sound waves coming up from the moon’s surface through the vacuum of space, so… The only possibility is some kind of unintended signal being picked up by the radio? Ehhh, don’t really buy that one either.

      Overall it does sound oddly reminiscent of the alleged “sounds of planets”. Ever listened to those?

  2. Good video”Is space real shut the front door”. Speaking of front doors, I noticed about half way through,
    astro-not floating next to hatch. Hatch starts to “fall” open , he pushes it to close or to get it out of his way. The hatch which keeps the “vacum”of space from the interior is wobbling when pushed like it’s made of thin plastic!! Check it out.
    WTF bullshit.

    1. Yeah, it’s been amazing to me how many people who’ve watched the video have noticed that floppy door. I didn’t even put it in there intentionally, and yet there it is. Just goes to show how much anomalous junk is in that NASA footage!

  3. Question: You raise a very interesting point, but in the video we clearly see the earth in the background and it is not flat. It is a sphere. What say you?

    1. Great question. Well, the short answer is that according to the conclusion that all these “space-walks” are being faked by folks in white suits, floating in black out pools, the image of the “Earth” seen in these shots is simply being green-screened in. There is actually a bunch of videos on YT where people have taken footage of the astronauts “training” in pools, and pasted in the space/earth background, just to show how easily and convincingly it can be done. Wish I had a link handy for ya…

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