I Saw This Book at the Library Yesterday…

Howdy. Once again, long-time no-write, but, things have been busier than ever. Saw this last night, “How to Fake a Moon Landing”, prominently displayed on the top of the shelf at my local library, in the children’s section, right next to all the books on the solar system. Had to throw this up on the ol’ blog. I mean, what does this say about the overall state of affairs, when children’s authors can get a book like this published? It means yes, you and I live in a world where more and more people are indeed questioning the veracity of the Apollo Moon missions. This book aims to catch kids young, and (using comic strip explanations) debunk those “crazy conspiracy theories about the faked moon landings” before they get a little older and find themselves watching entertaining videos on youtube of the astro-nots bouncing up and down on their cables, set to polka music.

This really does just crack me up. Damage-control mode, is what it is… “Watch out for those kooky ‘science-deniers’ kids… They’re crazy and they’ll brainwash you into becoming a backwards, science-denying hater of the government and all scientific progress!!”

Check out these pages from the book:


8 thoughts on “I Saw This Book at the Library Yesterday…”

    1. Oops, guess I just assumed it was, since I just did a google image search for “How to fake a moon landing book”. Good catch though. I’m almost scared to go over to his blog… I’m sure he would regard myself as like teh QUINTESSENTIAL example of the very thing he is terrified that the coming generations might turn into… 😉

  1. Hello, was searching about parallax and flat earth and I saw your YouTube… I appreciated your sincerity as far as where you are now in your research. It sounds like we have common Christian beliefs. I wondered if you’d seen the globebusters video with max Igan, who says he doesn’t believe in flat earth because he can fly from Australia (I think ) to South America direct in 12 hrs. But he showed a video of his compass on the plane pointing south west during the flight, while the planes digital map pointed in another direction. Jean said max’s compass was consistent with a flat earth map.

    I don’t know what it all means though. Also wondering if there’s any independent confirmation about that crow777 video. I just wonder if it’s faked… If no one else in the world can record that digital anomaly.

    Anyway, I was researching distances of stars and planets and saw your video. Thank you and great job.

    Like Mulder… I want to believe!

    Almost forgot, about your questions about equanox, I don’t understand any of that but I imagine, that there must be ancient flat earth models that have that stuff worked out already. Maybe even that Tycho scientist… Or something more ancient, just a thought.


    1. Hi Will, sorry it took me so long to respond. Kinda scatterbrained lately. I haven’t seen that Globebusters episode yet, but I’ve heard lots of people talk about it. Still have to check it out. I will say however that as far as I know, there have been several people now, other than Crow777, who have also independently captured the famous “lunar wave”, some quite recently. It’s a fascinating topic to be sure. I did a video on it speculating about multi-dimensional objects in the “heavens”, (based on some thoughts I heard from researcher Josh Peck…) I am a Christian, yes, and still very much researching this whole FE topic there are so many angles/directions to explore, it’s hard to know where to even begin some days. Glad you reached out though, and feel free to checkout my YT channel if you haven’t already. Honestly I haven’t been able to make time for my poor neglected blog in a while now!

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